Ghostfest 2019 – Day One

Ghostfest is a 32+ hour marathon of non-stop improv comedy shows produced by The Torch Theatre as a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival. Ghostfest 2019 starts on Friday, October 11th, and ends late Saturday/early Sunday morning, October 12th/13th.

Tickets are $5 for a 2-hour block, $10 for a 6-hour block or $15 for the whole weekend.

The following are the schedule groups for day one (times are subject to change):


Ghostfest Kickoff Show featuring

Howl (5)

Del & Del Invocation (5)

Cannonball (20)

Essence (25)


The Dangerous Trio (20)

Hale & Hearty (15)

This American Ghostfest (25)


Bad Baby (25)

Pet Cemetery (25)

Stephen King, Improv Critic (5)


Pardy Boys (15)

From Justin to Kelly (NYC; 45mins)


G.A.G. (20)

Galapagos (20)

Rat Kween (20)


Middle School Crush (Los Angeles; 25)

Rug of Love (San Diego; 25)

Present Tense (10)

Tickets: $5-$15

Event Details

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