Ghostfest 2017


Have no fear! Walk up tickets for are available at both Changing Hands and The Torch Theatre. Purchase your tickets and performer passes upon arrival.

Ghostfest 2017 is the seventh annual longform improv comedy marathon and starts on Friday, October 13th at 6pm and runs into the late night of Saturday, October 14th. Ghostfest is produced by The Torch Theatre as a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival.

This year, in addition to The Torch Theatre hosting 111+ shows for over 32 hours straight, Ghostfest expands to two nearby venues that are within walking distance as well:

– Ghostfest presents legendary globetrotting (but Minneapolis-based) improv performer Jill Bernard and her epic one-woman historical musical, DRUM MACHINE, at Changing Hands/The Newton (300 West Camelback Road) on Friday, October 13th, at 8pm. Admission is $15 for this ticketed event.

Megaphone PHX (4700 North Central #112) hosts the Ghostfest Mega Stage, a showcase of improv shows from all over the valley, San Diego, and Austin, Texas. The Ghostfest Mega Stage is from 8pm to 11pm on Friday, October 13th, and Saturday, October 14th. Admission to the Ghostfest Mega Stage is free!

In total, across three different venues, Ghostfest is 32+ hours of non-stop improv action with 130+ different shows, from the sublime to the ridiculous! In addition to The Torch’s mainstay shows and troupes like Adult Bakery, Apollo 12, Beach Blanket Bingo, Displacers, Galapagos, Mail Order Bride, The Neighborhood, Spearmint, Unicorn Warpath, and Zombie Gourmet, Ghostfest also features performers from Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Boston, and San Diego, and Ghostfest Jr., a free, kid-friendly block of shows at The Torch Theatre from 10am to 11:30am on Saturday, October 14th.

All-Ghostfest Weekend Passes for admission to all Ghostfest shows at The Torch Theatre (seating availability permitting) are $15. Single-night passes are $10. Walk-up tickets available at the Box Office for all events.

Are you a performer? Passes are available at the Torch Box Office.

Ghostfest 2017 Show Schedule

Ghostfest presents Jill Bernard’s DRUM MACHINE on Friday, October 13th @ 8pm

Changing Hands Bookstore/The Newton, 300 West Camelback Road in Phoenix

Changing Hands Bookstore/The Newton, 300 West Camelback Road in Phoenix

One of two Ghostfest performances of DRUM MACHINE, Changing Hands Bookstore/The Newton has capacity of up to 150 and food & bevs for purchase. Phoenix-based improv upstarts, Always in Trouble, opens the show. This is a ticketed event: $15 for general admission and $20 for admission & an All-Ghostfest Weekend Pass Bracelet. These tickets are upon arrival!

Ghostfest 2017 at The Torch Theatre, Friday, October 13th & Saturday, October 14th

Friday, October 13th @ The Torch Theatre

6pm – Ghostfest Opening Ceremonies • Judd • Carrie Benton Memorial Improv Library Dedication Ceremony

7pm – Skewed News • Two Hens: 20×20 (Old Orchard Beach, Maine)

8pm – Paul Ryan (Austin, TX) • NES (San Diego) • Pound Town

9pm – Displacers • Unicorn Warpath • Empty Promises (ATX) • Too Cubed

10:10pm – Robot Destroyers from Planet Earth • Laura Ingalls • I’m With Her

11pm – Cry Report (Tucson) • ¿Cómo Se Dice? (Tucson) • VerizonQwest

Saturday, October 13th @ The Torch Theatre

12am – Dexy’s Midnight Riders (PHX+) • SNOT • JACKIE (San Diego) • Pharma Hairperm

1am – Heart of Darkness • Middle Word • The Beatdown Rap Battle • Tiny Punches (Flagstaff)

2am – The Improvised Period Piece • Matt & Alejandro’s One-Man Show (Austin, TX) • This is 40 (San Diego) • A List of Things That Make Me Anxious • Cacophony of Noise

3am – Ultraviolet Crown (ATX/PHX) • Improvised Jeopardy! • Data Dump! • Improv Action Heroes

4am – Character Karaoke with Bela Lugosi • 10 Minutes of Bunny Bunny (ATX+) • Slackers (15) • Roundball Rock (ATX+)

5am – Improvised 90s Music Videos • Silent Reactions to the Dabney Main Street Electrical Parade Monoscene Jam • Ghostfest Inception • TBA Jam

6am – Orphans • Charlie Carmichael • The Unauthorized Harry Potter Jam!

7am – 30 Minutes of Time • LOLitaliano! An All-Laugh Garden Jam! • Pickles

8am – Two Sweeties • “Special Offers” by the Level Up Losers • The Mishaps! • 2 Banditos!


Saturday, October 13th @ The Torch Theatre
GHOSTFEST JR. — 10am-11:25am
Admission is Free!

10am – GHOSTFEST JR: Justice League of Extraordinary X-Men • Lucky Dad • The Peel • CREEPIN’ IT REAL • Apollo 12 • Gilmore Girls + Dad

Saturday, October 13th @ The Torch Theatre

11:30am – GISHWHES! • The Positive People Power Project

Noon – Cropsies • NewHeart • Haroldception • Piethagorus

1pm – Wild Dungarees • Purple Crayons • BrIcks • Less Than Dead

2pm – Rufio • My Favorite Color is Bacon • Rodney • Bechdel Midterms

3pm – The Semantics • Scareolas! • Flock of Beagles • Wizard Sleeves

4pm – Sweater Pills (Tucson) • Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher! • Pillow

5pm – Galapagos • The Nerve! • Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed (Tucson)

6pm – Spearmint • Mail Order Bride • Riot Jam • [THEATRE CLEANING]

7pm – Jill Bernard’s DRUM MACHINE (Minneapolis, MN)

8pm – Beach Blanket Bingo • SIDECOACH! • B&B (Portland, OR)

9pm – The Neighborhood • Dr. Zombie

10pm – Slack to the Future (San Diego) • Paper Dolls (Boston/Portland) • Tights! (San Diego)

11:10pm – Birds & Broads • Mort & Rachel Weinberg Pitch You TV Shows • Look What We Found (San Diego)

Sunday, October 14th @ The Torch Theatre

Midnight – Fart Doctors • Sinister M.O.’s Improvised Seance (San Diego) • Inspirational Football Coach Speech Show • Have A Good Weekend, Neil Diamond! • Sensitive Boys Dance Party

1am – GIF of the Magi • The Colony • Zombie Gourmet • Southern Wisdom • ghostbox

The Ghostfest 2017 Mega Stage @ Megaphone PHX, Friday, October 13th & Saturday, October 14th

Friday, October 13th @ Megaphone PHX, 4700 North Central Avenue, Suite #112, in Phoenix

8pm – Barren Mind improv • The Soapbox

9pm – Candy From Strangers • Joanie Loves Cersei • Well, Well, Well • 2 Dollar Bill (PHX/PDX)

10:10pm – Apollo 12 • Adult Bakery • Good Ship Lollipop (San Diego)

Saturday, October 14th @ Megaphone PHX

8pm – PIZZA PARTY • Greg Hess’ Hair (San Diego) • B’Lart

9pm – Gloria Marx • Paul Ryan’s Empty Promises (ATX) • Baby Steps

10pm – Chavez, Hanlon, Green (PHX/PDX) • Dead Man’s Pants • SECRET SHOW








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