Improv Workshops for Businesses & Groups

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The Torch Theatre has experienced instructors who not only teach improv for stage performance but also translate it to life skills. Whether it be team building, problem solving, public speaking, communication, collaboration and/or idea generating, we can bring simple yet effective improv exercises. These will help strengthen those skills while having fun. The outcome of this experience together will build a more connected team, open up personalities, create unexpected personal connections and re-enforce positive communication skills.

Here are some things that are being said about

improv’s applications to the real world & business:

Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke

Improv for Business? Yes, and…See How it Works

We have worked with many businesses, non-profits and social groups including Go Daddy, RJ Reynolds, Lodestar, Boys Hope Girls Hope, ASU, American Express, Gannett, YELP, Seeds4Autism, Foundation for Blind Children, Cox Business, University Of Phoenix and City of Phoenix.

The Torch Theatre can put together a workshop to suit any department, any business or dedicated group. Our rates range from $15 to $45 per person depending on duration and size of your group. We are willing to find solutions to work within your budget and have affordable rates for non-profit organizations. Below is a form that asks you all the questions to help us understand exactly what you are looking for. Please complete the form and we will get back to you with an estimated price.


The Torch Theatre can also provide your group with a fun interactive performance – good for any party or celebration. We will bring a handful of our strongest performers to your event and entertain and engage your crowd.

Important notes about The Torch Theatre. Our theatre can accommodate a maximum of 30 people and is only available Monday thru Friday from morning til 6pm. If your request exceeds this - you will need to provide your own space.