The Math of Improv

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All online tools will be provided. An internet connection is required.

Bill Binder

Bill began performing improv in Michigan in 1994. He has taught or performed in 10 countries on three continents and is a board member for The Improv Network. Currently he performs online at The Torch Theatre.

What's included in the course

  • Patten Recognition
  • Quantifying Notes
  • Viewpoints
  • Access to Character Emotions
  • Applying Variables to Scenework

About the course

Left-brained thinking is great for analytical, logical, critical thinking. But it can also be a bit judgmental, which is why beginning performers turn it off for a while so they can learn to embrace the imaginative, creative parts of their brains without self-doubt. Once that creative part of the brain learns to thrive, however, most of us never allow the left brain to come out to play. That's only playing with half the tools available to you. Improv - like any art - is filled with beautiful patterns and symmetries; volume, stage position, and status - they're all variables which can be toyed with in a beautiful equation. This workshop teaches players not to be ashamed of their analytical gifts, but to learn how to apply them in all of their work to build stronger more cohesive shows.

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