The Gemini Show


A Night Of Improv Duos!

Thursday, June 14th, 2018 at 8pm as part of the Jump.

We present the Gemini show every year in June to celebrate the twins and feature one time improv duos – giving performers an opportunity to play with new partners and interesting combinations. The Torch Theatre is remounting last years theme, continuting to put a twist on creating groups for this one night event. We will be presenting eight groups with 10 – 12 minute sets. We welcome improvisors of all levels to participate.


This year we will again be featuring genres – the players who submit to participate will select their preferred genre and will be paired up with another improvisor who selected the same. They will be required to fashion their show in the style of that genre. That’s right – a good ole fashioned night of genre-prov!


We will have the full line-up confirmed by Tuesday, June 12th

The teams will be made by lottery – combining improvisors with the same genre preferences.

You can only choose two – so choose wisely.

Here are the Genre choices:

Action & Adventure
Romantic Comedy
Science Fiction
Film Noir

The way it works –

  • Fill out the form below
  • Select a only two genres
  • Submit
  • Have a Good Luck! & Choose Wisely! Fate will decide your Gemini



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