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The Torch Theatre is proud to offer professional training in improvisation for the theatre. Our instructors have studied and performed with masters of longform improvisation all over the country, and we are excited to be building a community of funny, passionate and interesting players right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

With a core curriculum based on longform improv, The Torch aims to build strong actors and ensembles in Phoenix, Arizona. So, what is longform improv? It is a performance built collaboratively on stage from a single suggestion. It could be a series of scenes, songs, characters or even movement that explore a theme. It is built by the performers together as the audience watches.

The Torch Theatre Longform Training Center offers ongoing courses in improv to help students develop and explore this craft. Class sizes are kept small to promote ensemble building and to allow instructors to cater courses to the individual needs of our students. We offer flexible payment plans and internship opportunities. If you are interested in enhancing your acting skills or learn the craft of improv, call or e-mail to learn more about our program.

Our classes are for adults only -- we do have kids & teens programming throughout the year at
*We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in our full Level classes, if you select this option a SQUARE invoice will be sent to your e-mail address and payment must be received one week before the class begins to secure your spot. Your remaining balance will be split into two smaller payments during your eight week session.
Holiday Discount is available at full payment only and for a limited time. After you submit your registration you will be redirected to a link to make your payment right away.
All payments - full or deposits - are non-refundable. If you are not able to pay with a credit or debit card - please e-mail to make other payment arrangements.
This e-mail is separate from our weekly e-mail that list all our shows every weekend. It goes out at various times to announce new class sessions, workshops available, opportunities to perform and other opportunities that occur in and around the Torch community.
For eight week sessions missing more than two classes or the first 10 minutes of a one day workshop will result in dismissal.