Position Play

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Brian James O’Connell

Brian James O’Connell is a working actor, writer, director, filmmaker and teacher in Los Angeles. He currently teaches as part of the Core Faculty at The Pack Theater.

Brian is the Creator and Executive Producer of Big Yellow Taxi, the Executive Producer and Founder of Long Hard Tuesdays, the Executive Producer and Founder of The Lady Invitational and Executive Producer of Genre Night! at The Pack Theater.

Brian is a graduate of the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts (David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Jody Hill ,Anthony Mackie, Peter Hedges, Mary-Louise Parker, Dane DeHaan, Terrence Mann, Chris Parnell, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jeff Nichols) and moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to follow his dreams of a career in filmmaking.


What's included in the course

  • Thing. Concept. Idea.
  • Playing Archetype
  • Mapping Characters
  • The Five Scenes Everyone Tells You *NOT* To Do But Darn It They Come Up On Stage Anyway

About the course

Brian James O'Connell teaches you the skills you need to find your "position" in the scene and then play it to the hilt. Position Play was invented by Miles Stroth (Del Close's"Warchief", Founder, Owner & Operator of The Pack Theater in Los Angeles) as a way to understand and execute the "scene dynamics"of the Four Basic Scene Types: Straight/Absurd, Character Driven, Alternate Reality and Realistic. If you are able to understand the few tools& techniques needed to play these individual scenes, every other choice you make onstage will be from a place of renewed confidence and successful fun!

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