Level 6


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During COVID-19, online courses will count towards graduation

Bill Binder

Bill began performing improv in Michigan in 1994. He has taught or performed in 10 countries on three continents and is a board member for The Improv Network. Currently he performs online at The Torch Theatre.

Instructor is subject to change

What's included in the course

  • Teaching and Coaching Skilles
  • Ensemble Health
  • Show Building and Proming
  • Combining Previous Skills

About the course

Under the direction of one of The Torch Theatre's most senior instructors, students, working as an ensemble, will create and develop their own unique performance piece. Students will explore longform scenes and elements in relation to the whole piece for the purpose of creating cohesive performances. The final form created will be both tailored to the strengths and sensibilities of individual performers and the group, and designed to challenge students to elevate their performance to new heights. A four-week run of show follows the culmination of classes.

Semester runs eight weeks and is followed by four student performances at The Torch Theatre or online.

This session is online and will require access to the internet. Many internet providers offer free internet services. Click here for options.

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