Level 4

Advanced Forms
in Longform

Available Online

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Bill Binder

Bill began performing improv in Michigan in 1994. He has taught or performed in 10 countries on three continents and is a board member for The Improv Network. Currently he performs online at The Torch Theatre.

Instructor is subject to change

What's included in the course

  • Forms and structures
  • Advanced Openings
  • Ensemble Goal Setting
  • Show Agency

About the course

An ever-expanding world of longform structures have been built upon and go beyond Harold and students will survey and explore some of them in Level 4, learning to apply their respective techniques and approaches as needed to navigate any performance. The conventions of specific forms will also be used to strengthen scenework and the ensemble while attention to style, tone, and pacing will be used to enhance the greater effect of the entire performance piece. The forms studied in each class will vary by instructor, but some of the forms we've studied in detail include (but are not limited to):

  • Deconstruction
  • Monoscene
  • JTS Brown (The Little Brown Jug)
  • Close Quarters
  • The Armando
  • Slacker
  • Narrative Improv
  • La Ronde

Semester runs eight weeks and is followed by two student performances at The Torch Theatre or online.

This session is online and will require access to the internet. Many internet providers offer free internet services. Click here for options.

  • "Loved all the feedback and comfortable atmosphere."
  • "I felt encouraged and supported."
  • "I felt safe, both physically and emotionally."
  • "Instructor's calm and reassuring demeanor made it easy for me to open up and express myself."
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