In this workshop, improvisers will learn how to create and sustain characters effortlessly.  Students will practice building characters from both within and without. Going far deeper than playing a cartoonish caricature, improvisers will learn how to play genuine, believable characters

Taught by a senior instructor of the Torch Theatre, this class will focus on the individual performer in an effort to strengthen the ensemble. In-depth feedback will be given to challenge and inspire students to make choices they would not

Students will create an entire show focusing on the format Harold, created by Del Close, the father of longform improvisation. This format will introduce openings and group games as well as continue the enrichment of on stage relationships through strong,

Continuing with the concepts of Level I this class will build on the idea of working as an ensemble to create a cohesive group mind. The class will focus on discovering themes and patterns that will strengthen the performance. Students