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Stefan Gearhart

Stefan Gearhart has been officially performing improv for the better part of 20 years. He has a BFA in Theatre from Western KY University but it was there that he discovered improv by joining Kentucky’s Longest Running Improv Troupe, Happy Gas Improv.

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He later went on to learn and perform as much improv as humanly possible, even at one point breaking a world improv record, with improv troupe, SPF7 in Seaside, FL, as they performed 72 straight hours of improv comedy!

However, his time as Co-Founder and Performer in Damaged Goods, had been the best part of his life in improv, even creating and producing Louisville's Damn Good Improv Festival for many years. Stefan has also been teaching improv for over 10 years, he was teaching high energy/theatrical improv comedy as well as short form show hosting at his improv school called Improv 502 in Louisville. Stefan is also the host of FearScape Paranormal Podcast and you can find him many times in the desert searching the skies at night. Since moving to Phoenix in 2020 he has been anticipating a return to a classroom and the stage.

What's included in the course

  • Character Building
  • Internal Choices

About the course

This workshop will focus on the deep creation of characters and the potential they have for continued use in Long Form, Short Form, and Sketch. Stefan Gearhart will teach you how to develop characters off of your own personal history, how to develop characters over time, how to stay in character, and how to pull characters quickly out of your ass! You'll never play a similar version of yourself again! By the end of the workshop you will be able to take a number of characters with you to use on stage whenever needed and have the techniques to create new ones instantaneously and not copy your partner!

Prerequisite: None

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