Cerberus Cup XXX – June 2018


Cerberus Cup happens when a month has that magical 5th weekend. Three improvisors come together to form a team and three teams go up against each other to move to the final round for a chance at the Cerberus Cup. There is a registration fee and the team that gets voted the winner in the final round wins $150 and all the glory of being Cerberus Cup Champions! Cerberus Cup teams are open to the entire Phoenix improv community and all proceeds go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival. Thank you for your support!

Enjoy some Cerberus Cup History – dating all the way back to November of 2007. Complete details still being retrieved from archives.


Qualifying Rounds: Friday, June 29th

***Bout #1 @ 8:30pm15 Minute Sets (in order of appearance)***

1st Pet Cemetery Tony Cani Brandi Bigley Carrie Behrens
2nd Arlene Stewart Gross Emili Gross Brian Ress
3rd Notorious C.A.T. David Lorello Puneet Bajwa Megan Scott

***Bout #2 @ 9:30pm15 Minute Sets (in order of appearance)***

1st Bible Camp Charity Carwash Arthur Gustafson Javier Gilmore Erin Clawson
2nd Name to be determined Clifton Gray Paul Lonsdorf Puneet Bajwa
3rd Token Merrie Greenfield Stanley Williams Chris Avila

***Bout #3 @ 10:30pm15 Minute Sets (NOT in order of appearance)***

1st High School Prom without a Date Jack Parisson Christian Baum Jacob Stovall
2nd Name to be determined Will Hightower Jeff Cardello Alex Gilman
3rd Last team Coming Soon.
  • Bout 1 Winner
  • Bout 2 Winner
  • Bout 3 Winner

 All at The Torch Theatre, 4721 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix!


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