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A Torch Wedding

  Love is in the air. Two of our beloved members and instructors at The Torch are getting married next month. Romance in any situation is an adventure, but so much more so when building an improv theatre. Sam Haldiman

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Meet the Scare Quotes

Improv is alive and well at ASU West. Professor Kelly Rafferty of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has incorporated longform improvisation into her program this semester, culminating in a performance by her class, monikered Scare Quotes. Many Torch

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The Five Challenges of an Artist

    Over the years, I’ve come to believe that any artist at some point will face five challenges to their growth. I think we each face these challenges when they come up in different ways and they shape us

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Parting Thoughts from Jolien

We were blessed during 2011 to have a very special visitor. Jolien van Middelaar came to the United States from The Netherlands as part of her education to learn about The Torch Theatre and help with integrating our stage work

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Structurally Sound

One more inspection down. The structural inspection went through with flying colors. What is the structural inspection? Mostly what it sounds like; making sure that any physical additions we’ve made to the space are structurally sound. In our case, that

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Starting To Look Like a Theatre

The drywall has been hung and taped. Corner bead has been nailed up. Mud has been applied. Sandpaper has smoothed the edges. In other words, we have walls. Surfacing needs to be done in the next few days so we

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Happy Birthday Jester’Z

We’re not the only ones in town celebrating milestones of improv. The Jester’Z celebrate their tenth anniversary next weekend! The Jester’Z have been a dominant force in Scottsdale and Phoenix for a decade, weaning many performers who are still performing

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Electrical Approved

Our first inspection went down today. The electrical inspector pointed out a couple of very minor changes that we were able to implement and then gave us the thumbs up to begin drywall work. That means drywall will be installed

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Let There Be Light

One of the many changes happening during our build is restructuring the electrical layout of our new theatre. Changing business types from a barbershop to a theatre requires some different requirements. When we started our build we had to turn

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Love Letters

It’s Valentine’s Day. What better day to send a love letter. The Torch has been a big part of our lives for a few years and when the doors open on the new space at 4721, the theatre and the

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