Round 2

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The plans have been approved. I repeat. The plans have been approved.

After the minor revisions in our original submission (including some electrical work and the removal of a drinking fountain) our plans went through all the inspectors at the city for final approval which came through first thing Monday morning. The approval means we can finally secure a build permit to bring our space to code and open the doors.

So why haven’t we started tearing down walls? Only a minor step remains for us to obtain our permit. Before the city can release a build permit to  us, they need to have a state approved general contractor assigned to our build. The contractor will oversee all the changes made to our space to assure they will be done according to our proposal.

In the last few weeks we’ve met with several potential contractors, trying to find the right fit for our project. We’re pretty close to signing the paperwork and then the build will begin.

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  1. Shane Shell says:

    Whatever help I can give is yours.

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