Way of The Scramble

Special Workshop Information

The Way of The Scramble
– Week 1: Monday, July 8th; 7pm-9:30pm
– Week 2: Monday, July 15th; 7pm-9:30pm
– Week 3: Monday, July 22nd; 7pm-9:30pm
– Week 4: Monday, July 29th; 7pm-9:30pm
– Week 5: Monday, August 5th; 7pm-9:30pm (ANNEX)
– Week 6: Monday, August 12th; 7pm-9:30pm (ANNEX)
– Show: Thursday, August 15th with L5 & L6
– Show: Thursday, August 15th with L5 & L6

Student cap: 10
Prerequisite: Torch Level 3 or equivalent experience
Proposed price: $150 with discounts for Torch volunteers and for anyone undergoing financial hardship. (Contact Bill for more information)

Workshop description:
The Way of The Scramble

Created by Chicago improv master Joe Bill, The Scramble stirs up chaos with multiple scenes & multiple realities taking place at once. The Scramble allows patterns, parallels, & order to phase in & out of existence rhythmically, and then trusts the intelligence of the audience to make sense of it all.

While The Scramble uses advanced techniques like solo starts, swinging gates, and stacked scenes, it really empowers you to eat your fear, relentlessly follow your impulses, and be ruthlessly playful in your commitment to yourself, your fellow players, and the show.

Jose Gonzalez [he/him] has trained in The Scramble directly with Joe Bill and has performed it all across the country. He’s here to show you The Way of The Scramble.

General Bio:
Jose Gonzalez [he/him] is a Phoenix native who teaches and performs improv comedy at The Torch Theatre, a volunteer-driven, nonprofit theatre that he helped co-found in 2007. He began studying acting, performance, and movement in 1998. He’s been studying improv since 2001 and hasn’t looked back. In addition to traveling across North America and parts of Europe with groups like Galapagos, Dangerville, Umlautilde, Mariachi Kittens, Spearmint, and VerizonQwest and a ton of solo performance projects, Jose also hosts Vinyl Voices, where guests tell stories with accompanying songs on for-real vinyl records, spun by DJ Elle MNOP and is a guest host for the Phoenix edition of The Moth StorySlam. Jose has one amazing wife, Nina Miller, and two wonderful cats, Zipper and Penny, who want to be fed right now.

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