Thank you for your interest in volunteering at The Torch Theatre. Our organization was built on volunteerism and we take pride in our community specifically in how we come together to make The Torch Theatre a premier place for the art of improvisation performance in Phoenix, Arizona.

Volunteer Perks!

Our Volunteer program currently has the following incentives:

1. Every volunteer shift after training gets you a comp ticket for yourself or you can give to a friend (up to six per month). Please inquire with your Staff Member on Duty to receive your comps.

2. Every volunteer shift equals $10 credit towards annex rental time. Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator to redeem your credits.

3. If you are a current student – four volunteer shifts during your session equals a $10 discount on your next class. Make sure to get your ID initialed after shifts.

4. Of course – Many thanks from the Torch Community!

Keeping Track of Hours –

On order to be sure that we can give back in these ways – we ask our volunteers to always track their hours using our time clock app at the Box Office.

Want to Get On Board?

Below are the options you have to train. The purpose of training at the top of the night is it gives us ample time to show you the ins & outs of the facility including cleaning & maintenance. Things that volunteers can be better served knowing. Then, an extensive period of time with minimal interruptions to overview the tech or box operations. Followed by hands on experience during the show. We do recommend sticking around (although not mandatory) for the second show for the full experience of the kind of variety you’ll experience from show to show. Feel free to leave additional comments as well as any ways we can improve our system — we are always striving to be better.


We will contact you to schedule an exact date within the following two weeks where a trainer can be available. Let's talk would apply to admin work and theatre cleaning.

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