The Torch Theatre Community Unconference

The Torch Theatre Community Unconference
Saturday, June 13th
Actors Workhouse
604 East Pierce Street in Downtown Phoenix – Map

The Torch Theatre has grown in so many ways since we started in 2007 and however you’re a part of who we are, thank you! We’ll be working over the next few months to work on The Torch’s mission, vision, and direction for the future, from 2016 and beyond!

The Torch Theatre isn’t just a place; it’s the people! So, we’d like to involve the voices of our community on the process of determining where we’re headed and to that, we’re proud to announce The Torch Theatre Community Unconference on Saturday, June 13th from 10am to 4:30pm!

Please pre-register both if you’re attending (all day or only part of the day) and if you can’t make it — register your ideas!

The Torch Theatre Community Unconference Schedule
Saturday, June 13th

Snack breakfast provided (aka Snackfast!) & Registration
Unconference Welcome (Intro, Topic Generation, Selection, and Scheduling)
First Session
Second Session
Lunch (provided)
Third Session
Fourth Session
Wrap-up Discussion

We’d love for as many members of The Torch Theatre community to be able to take part on Saturday, June 13th, but we know that there will inevitably be some time conflicts for people. Either way, with the pre-registration form down below, you’ll be able to share your ideas for topics or questions that you’d like answered during the Community Unconference. Thank you so much and hope to see you (or at least read your ideas) on Saturday, June 13th!

Pre-registration form:

What is an Unconference?

An Unconference is essentially a conference where, instead of topics & speakers pre-picked by a select few, the topics are determined by participants and instead of speakers directing their ideas one-way to an audience, participants share ideas & thoughts in a conversational manner. The idea is that we’re all experts on something, we all have valuable experiences to draw from, and that we’re all interested in learning from each other. Just think of it as an improvised conference!

The skeleton of the full plan for the day is up above but The Torch Theatre Community Unconference will have 5 easy steps that take place during the Unconference Welcome from 10am to 10:50am:

1. People will propose topics (or even just put forth questions they have) regarding life at The Torch Theatre from our classes & shows to performers, volunteers, the work we do as an organization, and the community in general. (Example: “How teams are formed & how will they be connected to The Torch?” Maybe people will have ideas on how to answer that and what The Torch can do to help.)

2. We’ll work together to cluster topics & questions that belong together.

3. Based off of overall interest in those bigger groupings of topics, we’ll schedule out the plan for the rest of the Unconference & where different topic sessions will be held.

4. People will attend & partake in those topic sessions.

5. At the end of the Unconference, we’ll come back together and discuss the ideas, thoughts, & answers to the questions that were asked.

Any other questions? Email Jose via