Light the way, be a Torchbearer

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As a non-profit organization, The Torch relies on contributions to continue to offer great performances in Phoenix. Every one-time donation, large or small, helps bring new innovations to our theatre.

But when you can commit to donating on a monthly basis, you become part of our Torchbearer program, which gives our theatre a consistent base of support that the theatre can rely on as we look to the future.

How do my donations help?

In addition to covering our basic utilities and general maintenance of the theatre, your funds can help us offer more programs to local artists and to the public. Some of these programs include:

*Working with public schools’ underdeveloped arts programs

*Bringing in nationally recognized artists and instructors

*Offering coaching, practice space and other essentials to emerging artists

*Offering free workshops to the public

*Sending local artists to participate in national and international festivals

What are the advantages of monthly donations?

We know that, as a donor, it is not always easy to give a donation all at once. Monthly membership lets you spread out your donation over the course of the year, a few dollars at a time, so there’s never a big impact on your budget. It’s also done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about writing a check every month.

Knowing that sustaining funds will be consistent from month to month allows us a much greater freedom to plan new programs.

What benefits do I get as a Torchbearer?

As a Torchbearer, you will get mentioned in our slideshow and other programs. Special shows and events will be held throughout the year for Torchbearers. Many programs will have special rates for Torchbearers. And of course, you get a sweet membership card.

If you’d like to become a Torchbearer, please visit Razoo and select the “monthly” option, and please accept our most heartfelt thanks.