Torch Theatre Internship

The Torch Theatre can always use some good help in exchange for some valuable classes.

Get free eight week class sessions with a Torch Theatre Internship.*

Requirements – Full time internship = 24 Hours / Part time internship = 12 Hours

Hours Of Operations –

– Thursdays – 7 – 10pm

– Fridays – 6 – 12am

– Saturdays – 6 – 12am

Included Duties – (be well trained and efficient in all theater operations)

Box Office Operations

Tech Booth Operations

House Management

Set up, break down and cleaning

Responsibilities can evolve into data management and/or Training Center responsibilities based on interest and dedication which can supplement hours spent on show nights.


*The internship does not include the cost of workshops but does include eight week class retakes.


The Torch takes only four interns at a time and requires the completion of Level 1 or other exposure to The Torch Theatre operations and community, one hour individual training shift and six hours of shadow shifts before your class session begins. A face to face meeting can be requested for new inquiries however not guaranteed.


Apply with us today.


The Torch Theatre is not taking any more interns at this time.

Feel free to apply with us to get on a wait list.

If you are available in between the hours listed, please select and we will connect to further narrow down the exact time.

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