Torch Summer Camp

The Torch Summer Camp Program is back for 2019. June and July sessions will be available for two age groups.

July Sessions: 1pm-4pm daily
Teen Camp (13-17) July 8th – 12th (Meredith Howell and David Raferty)
Youth Camp (9-12) July 15th – July 19th (David Raferty, Meredith Howell and Genevieve Gruenig)

About the Theatre: The Torch Theatre is located at 4721 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix, just south of Camelback on Central Ave.

Ten spots are available for each camp. Tuition is $225 before May 1st, and $250 after May 1st. Snack is included.

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About our Instructors:

Mack Duncan
Mack Duncan has been active with improvisation, puppetry, and film making for over 20 years. He has also been a professional educator since 2001. A founder of The Torch Theatre, he is currently the Director of Programming for The Phoenix Improv Festival and the Director of Education for The Torch.

Genevieve Gruenig
Genevieve Gruenig took her first improv class in early 2016 and loved it. She is a Hatha yoga teacher and BHT by trade. After discovering the celebration of imagination and self expression improv can be, Genevieve is excited to be an Assistant Teacher for The Torch Theatre’s Summer Youth Program this year.

Meredith Howell
Meredith Howell undeniably loves two things: improv and children. For five years, Meredith taught elementary school in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona. Because the conventional classroom wasn’t a forever fit, Meredith decided to put her teaching skills to use in a different way. She has studied and performed Longform Improv Comedy at The Torch Theatre in Central Phoenix since 2014, an art form that transformed the way she sees herself and interacts with the world. Improv teaches us how to stay in the present moment, accept the reality of a scene, create with others, and tap into our boundless imagination. Improv helps us see everything as a gift we can play with – to get out of our minds and into our hearts.

David Raftery
David has been teaching, performing, and directing improv in the Valley of the Sun for the past 8 years. He got his start of Improv in the Phoenix area by running Names From a Hat Improv, a popular improv troupe in Tempe from 2011 to 2015. He got involved in teaching youth and adult classes at the Mesa Arts Center, JesterZ Improv, and Comedy Off Main Street over the years, finding a way to share his passion with others. He has coached multiple long-form and short-form teams including ASU and Mesa Community College house teams. The pinnacle of his teaching career thus far, was becoming Education Director at JesterZ Improv. There he created a 4 class curriculum, taught classes, created a weekly student performance night, and taught five Youth Summer Camps. He has a true desire to connect people through improv and laughter.

Caitlyn Rogers
Caitlyn joined the Phoenix improv community in 2014, while completing her MA in Communication from Northern Arizona University; she wrote her master’s thesis on the transformative power of improvisation. She currently performs weekly on The Torch Theatre’s house team, Franklin Institute, and has hosted Riot Jam, which is designated for individuals who are female-identifying, gender-nonconforming, or non-binary. Additionally, she can be seen performing with The Neighborhood, Hale & Hearty, Womxn in Sweaters Eating Yogurt, Technicolor Sunset, Beeswax, and Improvised Keynote Speaker. Caitlyn is an 11th grade English teacher at Empower College Prep High School in Phoenix, where she has also taught communication, public speaking, and improv. She loves working with teenagers and children, because she is inspired by their unwavering honesty and enthusiasm.

Our instructors are great because they understand that children are the master improvisers. They prioritize fun and Art in a safe classroom environment while teaching life skills like listening, connection, honesty, vulnerability, and physicality.