Torch Theatre General Submissions



This form is to submit your availability for The Torch Theatre’s regular programming schedule. Submitting your availability doesn’t guarantee a spot on the schedule but it will give us an opportunity to understand your availability for certain shows.

*DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is September 11th *

General Show Times:
Thursdays @ 8pm (The Jump) — (3 Teams – 20 min, 20 min, 25 min)
Fridays @ 8:30pm (The Trifecta) — (3 Teams – 25 min, 20 min, 25 min)
Fridays @ 10pm (The Future) — (2 Teams – 25 min, 25 min)
Saturdays @ 7pm (The Revolver) — (2 Teams 25 min, 25 min)

Saturdays @ 8pm (The Run) – if a run is not scheduled groups will be scheduled – open Run month availability will be requested if applicable below. (3 Teams 15 min, 15 min, 15 min)

What we’re looking for:
Longform improv groups in The Torch Theatre community who can put on a great show (that is, that wonderful mix of great scenework & group play that leads to cohesive and compelling performances). Preference for scheduling in The Trifecta and The Revolver will be given to performers who have a proven track record, who will promote their shows, and who rehearse regularly with a coach or director. There’s more leeway in The Jump and in The Future for newer groups & projects but we hope that you will be just as equally committed to promoting their outings and rehearsing. Also, there is a preference of larger ensembles (5 people or more) over smaller groups (4 or less) for the sake of facilitating more stage time for more performers.

Finally, we highly encourage groups that have never performed before at The Torch or groups who want more stage time to submit to Cagematch during the open submission periods. Currently they are open until November 21st or until full – scheduling through January.

Don’t forget that there are other great opportunities to play like Bingo Jam (First Saturday) and Flash Jam (4th Friday).

As many of you know – We are rebuilding our programming team, however, the October-December schedule will not change much (for those groups who have had anchor spots in shows over the last months, those will remain the same) – we will transition to a new programming system where we may see some slight artistic changes starting in the new year. We plan to remain transparent about those changes and give you updates as things get hankered out.

If you have any questions about scheduling or your teams submission

– please e-mail Jose Gonzalez at


Updates refer to roster changes, show description, rehearsal and coach information - we request that you update anytime you have changes - *if you don't confirm your update when changes are common knowledge it can affect how you are scheduled. If you are not sure if you've updated the last time - please do so again.
List all the active performers in your group.
Briefly describe the format of your show.
How frequently does your group meet to rehearse?
Please mark your group's availability.
Please mark your group's availability. Preferred scheduling will go to groups that can perform on the same night each month.
Please mark your group's availability.
Please mark your group's availability.
Feel free to list the group(s) - if you wish to explain why, feel free to add additional thoughts.