Submissions for Shows at The Torch Theatre

There are various performance opportunities for shows and events that members of The Torch Theatre community can submit to, providing the availability of their team, show, or project.

Submitting for The Torch Theatre’s General Schedule (Submissions for October / November / December 2017 are open until Sunday, September 24th)
The Torch Theatre has shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Members of The Torch Theatre community can submit their team’s availability to be considered for scheduling in The Jump (Thursdays at 8pm), The Trifecta (Fridays at 8:30pm), The Future (Fridays at 10pm), and The Revolver (Saturdays at 7pm). Submit your team for The Torch’s General Schedule during open submissions which are open from now until Sunday, September 24th. Click this sentence to submit!

Submitting to Cagematch  (Submission are Open) Cagematch is The Torch‘s weekly show (10pm on Saturdays) where two improv teams face off by performing for 25 minutes each. Each audience member votes via ballot to determine which team will return the following week. You can submit your team to Cagematch during open submission periods by clicking this sentence. Scheduling into March.

The Run – Director’s & Troupe Series (always open)

Saturdays at 8pm features The Run. An opportunity for improvisors and troupes to explore new and exciting show opportunities. These shows are 45 minute performances open to a directed improvised performance or a workshoped presentation by an established troupe. There are some requirements of regular rehearsals leading up to the performances and features a four week run. Click here find our more information on registering your group or performance idea.

Cerberus Cup XXVII – September 29th & 30th, 2017  (Submissions open in August)
5th Fridays & a 5th Saturdays = Cerberus Cup. Three improvisors come together to form a team, three teams go up against each other to move to the final round for a chance at the Cerberus Cup. There is a registration fee and the team that gets voted the winner in the final round wins $150 and the Cerberus Cup! Teams are open to the entire Phoenix improv community and all proceeds go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival. Submissions are currently closed!

Ghostfest 2017 (Submissions are currently OPEN until 11:59pm on Friday, July 25th)
The seventh annual longform improv comedy marathon Ghostfest (produced by The Torch Theatre) is a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival. The 32+ hour marathon of shows starts on Friday, October 13th at 6pm and runs through late night Saturday, October 14th. Submissions for Ghostfest 2017 open now open — click this sentence!

PIP Tournament – Phoenix Improv Playoffs (CLOSED, register next year!) PIP happens in the month of March. It matches the same structure as college basketball’s March Madness playoffs. A double bracket single elimination tournament with a sweet sixteen number of participating improv groups. Each team will go head to head in a preliminary round consisting of 15 minute sets. The audience decided winner goes onto the quarter finals, the semis, then to the Final head to head consisting of a 25 minute set. The winning team gets $150, a trophy and all the glory of being the 2018 PIP champions! All proceeds go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival. SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED UNTIL 2018.


Phoenix Improv Festival 2016 (are CLOSED, 2017 Festival submission open September 1st, 2017)
Submissions for the 14th annual festival will open in the fall of 2014. The festival and many others around the country are using The National Improv Network where you create a one time profile for your group that you can edit and modify as needed. After that submissions for PIF in the future and festivals around the country become as easy as one click.



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