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Our Student Policies

An e-mail will be sent immediately if there are any problems with your enrollment for the class requested. Otherwise, an e-mail will be sent before your class begins. Any questions leading up to that can be sent here.

If you did not make immediate payment, you will be contacted shortly with an invoice to make payment of full tuition or the $100.00 deposit to secure your spot in class. Payment plans will be discussed in the detailed e-mail sent within the week of your first day.

If payment is not received by your established deadline you risk forfeiting your spot to the wait list.

Tuition fees are non-refundable, but if a student finds he/she cannot finish a session for any reason, a credit for future sessions may be applied at the discretion of the Instructor and Administrator.

It is important to note that while graduating a level makes you eligible for the next, it does not automatically enroll you. Many students take time off between sessions or even choose to repeat a session on their own volition before taking the next level. So if you wish to immediately enroll in the next available advanced session, be sure to register again online. Registration may have deadlines, waiting lists and limits to size, registering early for future classes and workshops is recommended.

One of the most important elements of improv, stressed in all levels and workshops of The Torch Theatre, is the philosophy of a tightly unified ensemble. Each class is packed full of information that you are all taking in together. The unification, or group mind, grows as you spend more time together as a group learning the concepts thus making consistent class attendance and timeliness very important. Therefore, in order to retain your enrollment in a given 8- week session and also be eligible for the student showcase at the end, you cannot miss more than two (2) classes. In the case of a one day workshop missing the beginning of class can also lead to missconnections with your fellow students and important information given by the instructor. Therefore, missing more than 10 minutes of the class can lead to dismissal. Extenuating circumstances and emergencies may be considered as exceptions and this requirement may be waived upon review of the instructor, Torch Theatre Directors and your ensemble.
In the event you need to miss a class or be considerably late, call your instructor directly or The Torch Theatre at (602) 456-2876. If schedule and performance space availability permit it, make-up classes may often be offered. If a class does not work out in the end attendance wise, you are always welcome to retake the class at a low cost or credit depending on your situation when the timing is better.

The Basics
Class is fun and often physically involving so wear clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable and safe moving around in. You will also be challenged mentally and physically during the course of any class, so feel free to bring snacks and drinks to keep your energy levels up to the challenge. Drink plenty of water (or whatever you like to drink) throughout and at anytime during the class, however, we ask that you stick to eating only during the breaks and for Pete’s sake—NO GUM! Chewing gum on stage is a horrible distraction to you, your classmates and your instructor. So have fun, but without the gum.
Socializing and catching up with your fellow students at the start of the class is very important, so is starting on time. Be sure to arrive at the theatre with enough time to chat and be ready to get right to it at the scheduled start time.
You may also notice that other Torch Theatre instructors sit in on classes for observation. Lucky for you, they are not observing the students, but carefully auditing your instructor and the course curriculum. We find that the best way to cultivate our educational program is by sharing best practices across all instructors. For the most part they will be silent observers, but may sometimes offer additional feedback and notes during your instruction.

An evaluation is requested from all students upon completion of the classes, this is your chance to speak your mind good and bad. It ultimately helps us become better in our individual instruction and overall curriculum. They are submitted anonymously and we extremely appreciate the honest and constructive criticism.

Your Safety & and the Safety of Others

Please Review Rights & Responsibilities 

This document above will be reviewed & signed on the first day of class.

“Safety first” may be a trite phrase often mentioned in jest, but rest assured that the safety of our students truly is our first and foremost concern. Improv may be a completely new experience for some or all of your fellow classmates. During your tenure with the Torch Theatre program, you will explore a vast array of acting techniques and drills for the improviser. Some of these experiences may come quite easily to you. Others may present new challenges in emotional and physical performance that you have never encountered before. As you grow in the curriculum, you will be expected to explore these challenges even further. The Torch strives to teach you how to build your art from your own true and real experiences. Sometimes you may find yourself exploring deep emotions, feelings or beliefs that you haven’t visited in a long time or, quite frankly, have never addressed at all. We ask that you always take caution and know your limits. If ever you feel that you are pushed too far emotionally or physically, it’s ok to stop and evaluate the situation.
That applies greatly when dealing with pushing yourself to new emotional and physical limits, but is even MORE important when pushing your fellow classmates as scene partners in the same. Everyone around you will be exploring these new boundaries in the same exact way, however, each and every improviser in that room will learn and grow comfortable with them at varying rates. So please, while being conscious of your own limits, be also conscious of the signs that your scene partners have reached their own limits. Again, know that if you find yourself pushing too far or that you are being pushed too far, it is ok to stop and evaluate the situation.
If you don’t feel comfortable stopping a scene during class, then by all means, work through it but be sure to discuss the situation with your instructor at a convenient time for both of you. Your instructor is an “open door” for any problems you encounter during the class. Finally, if you find that your safety is compromised by your instructor, please bring this matter immediately to the attention of another Torch Instructor, Board Member or Jacqueline Arend the Torch Training Center Administrator. You can always make an anonymous concern through our suggestion box.