Cagematch Registration


Please only submit during the registration window.

Read through all of the rules, especially the submission rules.

Welcome to the world’s most dangerous improv show, where two mighty teams of gladiators will take the stage to prove who are the Kings and Queens of Saturday night.


Each team will be given 25 minutes to perform, no more, no less.
Each member of the audience is given 1 ballot as they enter the arena. Do not lose your ballot, as you will not be given a new one.
Once the show begins, no more ballots are given out. You must watch both teams to have a vote.
That night’s performers are not allowed to vote, however, everyone else in the room is eligible. The team with the most number of audience votes wins.
Write-in votes for teams not actually competing will be disallowed.
The decision of the host is final. No whining. No recounts. The host will choose the winner in the event of a tie.
This is meant to be a friendly competition. Harassment and intimidation during the performance by either the performers or members of the audience will not be tolerated. The host will not hesitate to eject people for such behavior.
The host can assess penalties and make up rules at his discretion.
Kicking a tray of hot wings into the audience is strictly prohibited.
Performers are not allowed to throw chairs at audience members.
Stacking the audience is not only allowed, but encouraged.


– Only one player needs to be present to represent the team

– You can have ONE substitution to replace your absent team members

– If you’re entire team is not available – you will have to forfeit your championship

For more information:
cagematch [at] thetorchtheatre [dot] com


If you submit for a date on the registration form and then become unavailable for that date, you will forfeit your submission and have to resubmit next time. Be sure to check all available dates with your team members. (Submission is a first come first served basis and we will try to confirm your submission as soon as possible to prevent from last minute confirmations)

Acceptance will be based on time of submission and availability of team – we will also give priority to new & unusual teams that may not otherwise apply for the regular Torch schedule.

You must present longform improv.

If you submit more than one team per submission period – you may be subject to a wait depending on the number of submission received for the scheduling period.

Please be sure that you personally are only registering one team per submission period.
Briefly describe what longform improv show you will be performing.
**If you are scheduled for a date you selected and become unavailable you forfeit your spot for this period and will have to submit again when registration reopens. Please be sure to clear all your available dates with all of your group members.
If you have a fellow team member submitting a team you are a cast member of in the same submission period, please be aware that multiple Cagematch appearances in a session is not a guarantee - it will depend on number of total submissions and size of your submitted teams.

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