The wait is over! New torch tees ready for pre-order!

Order Ghostfest shirts over here!


The design by Nina Miller


Color options


Classic Black


Kelly Green


Alternative Grey


McHale’s Navy


*****UPDATE! This just in! Ghostfest shirts are in the mix! When you are done here, check them out!  *****

You can pre-order your size and color today at a discount ($15.00) for a limited time. Deadline to pre-order is October 15th, 2014. After which The Torch Theatre may be ordering a limited stock in minimal color options to sell at the full price of $20. Guarantee your shirt in the size and color you want by getting in on this action.

If you don’t live in the Phoenix area and want to represent The Torch Theatre in your community we’ll send you your order with an additional $5 shipping & handling charge. Hooray!



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