2017 PIP Tournament Registration



PIP happens in the month of March. It matches the same structure as college basketball’s March Madness. A double bracket single elimination tournament. We hope again this year to have enough submission to present a full sweet sixteen. Each team will go head to head in a preliminary round consisting of 15 minute sets. The audience decided winner goes onto the quarter finals, the semis, then the Final head to head consisting of a 25 minute set. The team that gets voted the winner in the final round wins $150, a trophy and all the glory of being the 2017 PIP champions! All proceeds go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival. Without your participation, PIF doesn’t happen. Thank you for your support!

16 teams compete in the PIP Tournament

Preliminary Rounds: (15 Minute Sets)
Friday, March 3rd @ 8:30pm & 10pm
Friday, March 10th @ 8:30pm & 10pm

Semi- Finals: (15 Minute Sets)
Friday, March 17th @ 8:30pm & 10pm

Quarterfinals: (15 Minute Sets)
Friday, March 24th @ 8:30pm

Finals: (25 Minute Sets)
Friday, March 24th @10pm

All at The Torch Theatre, 4721 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix!



3 things to know about registration:

1. You can register your team now – and submit your full Roster & registration fee by February the 5th.

2. You can register up to two teams, however, if your two teams meet up in the tournament you will have to choose which team you play with.

3. Your submission does not guarantee acceptance into the competition – entrance to the PIP is dependent on time of submission, availability for performance & number of registrations (i.e. we want the schedule to allow for the most improvisor representation)

Registration starts immediately! (Registration fee of $20 per team – it goes to support the 2017 Phoenix Improv Festival, a cash prize & a Trophy!)

Submissions Closed till 2018

If you have questions about PIP before registering, please e-mail info@thetorchtheatre.com

This person is in charge of communicating with PIP coordinators.
The best way to get in touch with you.
Insert smack talk here.
Payment is required prior to performance. Teams will not be considered for performance slots until payment is received.
Payment is due February 8th. If payment is not received your spot in the tournament goes to the wait list.
A minimum availability could affect your scheduling opportunity, we recommend having AT LEAST two preferences.

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