Ghostfest 2018 Show Information


Ghostfest 2018 Show Info

6 Characters In Search of a Zoo
Cast: Chris Avila, Bill Binder, Merrie Greenfield, Nikki Stevens, Stacey Reed Hanlon, Payel Ray, Caitlyn Rodgers
A group of characters in a grounded, vulnerable monoscene reveal a ridiculous secret about themselves. Someone will be selected to help out.

19 Doll Heads
Cast: Caitlin Clark and Emili Gross
The wackiness began when we met in our Level 5 class at the inception of “Lady Stew”. We will surprise people much like sriracha flavored potato chips, we will make you chuckle and squeak w laughter like helium being sucked from balloon…we are 19 dolls heads, watch us roll!!

Adult Bakery
Cast: Billy Brandes, Bryan Gerdes, Andrew Bernier, Raphael Robbins, Shane Shellenbarger, Laurie Shellenbarger
Adult Bakery performs a slacker-like show with lots of tagouts and zany characters.

Always in Trouble
Cast: Dave Lorello, Jennifer-Ann Moore, Joe Wister, Megan Scott, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa, Sean Ryan McBride
Mini Harold

Apollo 12
Cast: Bill Binder, Mack Duncan, Jon Jahrmarkt, Rick Larsen, Arturo Ruiz
A founding troupe of The Torch Theatre, Apollo 12 attempts to play to the top of their game as well as the audience’s intelligence. Delving deep into literature, mythology and pop culture, Apollo 12 builds up ideas intellectually and then gleefully rips down those ideas bit by bit with a ruthless sense of playfulness.

Cast: Emili Gross, Stewart Gross, Brian Ress

Baby Smash Cake
Cast: Stina Sieg
In the past few years, “smash cakes” have become a thing for a baby’s first birthday. That means the kiddo gets their own, baby-sized cake to mangle/eat/play with on their birthday – and the parents go crazy with photos and video. Well, adults these days never had that chance. I want to give three people in the audience the chance to have the smash cake they never got … giving each a small cake (as well as a garbage-bag smock) for them to mangle, eat, squish, whatever. I’ll take volunteers from the audience, and I’ll have wet wipes on hand. I’ll also set a time on the clock …whatever time seems right to you.

Beach Blanket Bingo
Cast: Andrew Bernier, Mindy, Rick Grove
Group mind meld happened to three friends, creating Beach Blanket Bingo.

Beat Bobbfton Glay
Cast: Clifton Gray vs the audience
Clifton Gray is a certified pun champion. Will you back him or the field in a 10-minute pun showdown?

Bechdel Midterms [San Diego/Phoenix]
Cast: Kat Brown, Nikki Stevens, Merrie Greenfield, et al. Bill Binder on tech
Women (lovingly and hilariously) mock a woefully outdated and sexist educational film, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Benjamin Button
Cast: Danielle Friedman, Mindy
Show in reverse… see the ending at the beginning.

Cast: Andrew Bernier, Bryan M. Gerdes, Clifton Gray, Rick Grove, Mindy, Laurie Shellenbarger, and Rachel Tullio.
There are two trains, one named NewHeart and one Beach Blanket Bingo head straight at each other and chaos and group games break out.

Cast: Björk
It’s Saturday morning! It’s 10 am! Are you hungry for brunch? DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO BJÖRK? Why not both? Come to Björkfast and have a deep, insightful conversation with an Icelandic darling. She’s more than a swan dress!
(Editor’s note: Björkfast will have actual free breakfast/brunchy food for anyone in attendance.)

Bryan vs Music [Portland, OR]
Cast: Bryan Fernando, tech person TBD
A one-man guided tour through the depths of Spotify Premium! Portland OR’s Bryan Fernando, aka DJ B-Fern, forces himself to do the musical jam he created for others.

Cast: Julie Silverstein & Billy Brandes
Julie & Billy create fun characters and put them in all kinds of fun situations. It’s fun!

Cast: Michelle Cannon, Tommy Cannon
Cannonball slams together the married duo of Michelle and Tommy Cannon. Though they share a surname they also bring their unique individual backgrounds to each show. Michelle is a classically trained actress and a monologist. Tommy is a cartoonist and a writer. Together they bring a passion for playful energetic improv. Each Cannonball show gives focus to strong characters and unique relationships.

Cast: Jeff Cardello & Brandi Bigley
Brandi and Jeff explore the dramatic interconnections of characters with grounded absurdity.

Catharsis Show
Cast: Nikki Stevens, Bill Binder, Merrie Greenfield, Franny Sharpe
The audience anonymously writes down secrets, to be explored through short scenework, an audience member is selected to be a part of the show and work through their what’s weighing on their mind. All of humanity’s problems solved in 15-20 minutes.

Chris and Bill do Laundry
Cast: Chris Avila, Bill Binder
Chris and Bill do Laundry in real time. Much excite!

Christianception, or Being Christian Malkovich
Cast: Merrie Greenfield, Bill Binder, Christian Michael Baum, Jacob Stovall, Chris Avila, Nikki Stevens
Fan favorite Christian becomes his own format!

Conceived Abroad [San Diego]
Cast: Babel Barm, Eddie Ruiz
Two people who enjoy gender stereotypes find hope in humanity in each other. Get on this roller coaster of emotion and discover what mischief they get themselves into next!

Crypts and Dip: The Annual Metaphysical Dip Tasting
Cast: Chris Avila, Kendall Pack
British adventurers and dip enthusiasts, Chadley L. Wright and Winton Bramfield Norhampton, take a break from their crypt plundering, grave robbing, and tomb raiding to hold their annual dip tasting competition. Audience members are encouraged to bring their tastiest dips for the boys to test, and the best dip will receive a prize. Warning: Due to a curse placed on Chadley and Winton by a very upset lich king, tasting dips may cause them to transport across time and space.

Dad Cologne
Just 2 guys doing a show, while smelling of dad cologne.

Deliverance Except With Guitars (Instead of Banjos)
Cast: Jacob Cano/Brad Elliott
A two person long form musical improv show with dueling guitars!

Digital Thoughts and Feelings
Cast: Jeremy Schwartz and Jose Gonzalez
Send in texts and emoticons and we’ll use it in the middle of a scene

Duly & Truly
Cast: Amy Ledin and Amanda Sever
Amy and Amanda studied Literature together at ASU, and they have been making light of Shakespeare and Wordsworth ever since. Now, the duo creates smart, narrative improv, proving that a degree in the Humanities can be useful after all.

Elbow Coffee Cafe
Cast: Emily Ayers, Jackie Rich, Paul Lonsdorf, Laurie Shellenbarger
Quick edits and energized characters make up the Elbow Coffee Cafe!

Everyone in the Audience Gets $1
Cast: Michael Ziman
Still in the audience at this insane hour? Cool, I’ll give you a dollar.

Cast: Javier Gilmore, Michael Ziman, Meredith Howell, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa, and Andrew Hadder
With help from the audience, this group of improvisers will dare to create a three act movie in 25 minutes. It’ll be a FiASCO, which coincidentally is the name of a role playing table top game. 

Figment [San Diego]
Cast: Babel, Mike, Ron, Gosia, Sola, Tina, Dustan, Amir, Alex
A group of individuals put on a blind date and created a team out of it. Their love language is improv and they get vulnerable in front of an audience.

Flim Flam
Cast: Michael Ziman and Marisol Chavez

Foot Funk, the April and Emili Musical Taprov Show
April Walterscheid, Emili Gross and accompanying keyboardist Jack Argon
With just a mere suggestion from the audience, April and Emili will take everyone on a magically hilarious joy ride through scenes, song and tap dance.

Friday the 13th
Cast: Puneet Bajwa, Brian Ress, Christian Baum
Two people sit around a campfire and recall (perform) cliché-filled horror stories. A third is doing spoOOoOky sound effects off stage.

GIF of the Magi
Cast: Jon Jahrmarkt, Merrie Greenfield, tech by Bill Binder
Two adoring improvisors take suggestions from GIFs chosen by the audience

Glow Head
Cast: Brian Ress
A Bat with glow in the dark paint covering my head.

The Hallway Show
Cast: Stacey Reed Hanlon, Merrie Greenfield, Nikki Stevens, Franny Sharpe, Bill Binder, et al.
A choose-your-own-adventure/peek behind the scenes, the audience can decide to watch the improvisors performing in the theater, or watch the ways the troupe waiting to go on entertain themselves “backstage” (in the hallway).

Cast: Andrew Hadder and Camille Hartmetz
We work hard, we play….

Cast: Marisol Chavez, Lauren Pashkowski, Caitlyn Rogers, Nikki Stevens, David Wilson
Haroldception uses high energy and fun scenes to attempt to complete three Harolds in 15 minutes. Perhaps those three Harolds will intertwine to become one giant Harold, or perhaps they will stand alone as perfect creations themselves. One thing is certain – it will be wonderful.

Hearts on Fire
Cast: Stewart Gross, Michael Ziman, Anthony Reynolds, Brian Ress, Billy Brandes, Jeremy Schwartz, and James Hoffmaster
Google: What improv team takes audiences down a fast-paced, no holds barred, internet rabbit hole of scenes, characters and relationships all inspired by search questions? One result found: Hearts on Fire.

Hudson Bae
Cast: Britanee Hudson and Emily Pack
Britanee Hudson and Emily Pack showcase a high-energy, raw, goofy, musical montage all improvised and scored on the spot. They are best friends forever.

Hudson Bae Lime Pie
Cast: Jose Gonzalez, Britanee Hudson, Emily Pack, and a pie (or many pies)
Jose tricked Britanee & Emily into doing a musical improv show combining the two shows The Notorious P.I.E. and Hudson Bae. They were cool with it, though, and you should be too!

Cast: Andrew Hadder, Michael Ziman, Lauren Pash, Emili Gross, Stewart Gross, Camille Harmetz
An exploration of time, space, and dimension. A Torch-style take on Close Quarters.

I’m Telling
Cast: Stan Williams, Merrie Greenfield, Marisol Chavez, Christian Baum, Chris Avila, Carrie Behrens McKirchy, and more
I’m Telling is a mish mash of students, instructors, and anti-connoisseurs of improv coming together for Ghostfest

Improvised 90s Music Videos
Cast: Michael Ziman, Andrew Hadder, Javier Gilmore, Meredith Howell, Anthony Reynolds
It’s 1998. Carson Daly lords from his glass tower in Times Square. Next up on your video countdown…

It’s Tonight with Andrew Hadder (and Kendall Pack is also in it)
Cast: Andrew Hadder, Kendall Pack, Emily Pack
Its a talk show…with Andrew Hadder…and Kendall Pack in it.

JaxNReedenstein’s Monster
Cast: Jacque Arend & Stacey Hanlon
Jacque and Stacey have been performing together for the past 12 years. If they haven’t figured out what they’re doing by now, they should just give up.

Katie Has Never Done Improv Before
Cast: Clifton Gray, Katie Gray
Clifton has been doing improv for a while now. Katie has not done improv, ever.

Kendall Pack Reenacts the Books he was Supposed to Read in Grad School
Cast: Kendall Pack
It’s exactly what you think it is.

Lady Stew
Cast: Nathalie Cadieux, Emili Gross, Yasmina, Caitlin Clark, and Stewart Gross

Los Guapos
Cast: Javier Gilmore and Sam Haldiman
Los Guapos is two great improv megahunks dunked in Drakkar Noir and living life to the absolute fullest 24/7!!!

Mack Duncan- 1-Man Show: The First 45 Years
Cast: Mack Duncan
Mack Duncan’s solo improv show where he “does the work of an improv troupe by himself.” Since this will be during his 45th birthday, this show will an improvised highlight real of his life so far. There may be cake.

Many Shallow Holes
Cast: Tony Cani, Andrew Hadder, Kristi Lindeman, Shane Shellenbarger, Brandi Bigley, Carrie Behrens, Brian Ress, Jacob Stovall, Mindy, Christian Baum
A wild deconstruction focused on the relationship

Meat Loaf and Jim: The Last Song
Cast: Emily Pack, Kendall Pack
Meat Loaf Aday and Jim Steinman come to the Torch for their last stop on their last tour to sing their last song, a ten-minute epic of various genres, tempos, and cohesiveness.

Mindy Has to Sit Down
Cast: Stina Sieg, Mindy, and assorted others to be announced.
Sometimes you just need to sit down. Sometimes injuries mean you have to sit in a chair. But this is improv, what are the many reasons why Mindy has to sit down?

Mort Weinberg Interviews Someone Fascinating
Cast: Nikki Stevens, Merrie Greenfield, audience member
120-year-old Mort Weinberg, of TNT (We Know Drama) interviews a character of Nikki Stevens’ choosing, and a randomly selected audience member

NextDoor Theatre
Cast: Genevieve Rice and a bunch of improvisors
NextDoor is the app where the people in your neighborhood complain about everything under the sun. Genevieve Rice will read the best/worst posts that just might make you question your faith in humanity. Then, some improvisors do some make-’em-ups inspired by the readings.

Night of 1,000 Stars
Cast: Chris Avila, Merrie Greenfield
Two improvisors and the audience throw down celebrity impersonation challenges (many terrible)

Cast: Clifton Gray, Chris Avila
Kevin Killshot and Derek Drive are your guides on a fantastic journey set to a synthwave soundtrack. From the darkness shall come NITEPROV.

Cast: Bryan M. Gerdes and Brian R. Ress
Bryan spelled with an Y meets Brian spelled with an I for character driven experimental theatre.

Oh Yeah?
Cast: Julie Silverstein, John Palmer
Just for fun improv. Let’s see what happens.

Party Tray
Cast: Julie Silverstein, Puneet Bajwa, Chris Flores, Kristie Cowles, Shannon Heuscher
Cast: We are a group of friends that like each other and like improv. Our focus is on short form, but we know that good scenework can make or break any improv show, so we also like to play with longer runs of scenes. We bring the Party (Tray)!

Pet Cemetery
Cast: Carrie Behrens, Tony Cani, Brandi Bigley

Phantom Cemetery
Cast: Carrie Behrens, Brandi Bigley, Tony Cani, Kayana Hudson-Sweeney, Dylan Kim, William Wyss
Improv teams Pet Cemetery and Phantom Future are joining forces to do some horror movie-themed improv!

Positive People Power Project
Cast: Franny Sharpe, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa, Brandi Bigley, Javier Gilmore, Merrie Greenfield, Tony Cani, Dave Lorello
Hello Torch Middle School! The PPPP is on a mission to prove to pre-teens like you that all the bad stuff in the world can be fixed with just a little positivity! WARNING THIS SHOW ISN’T REALLY FOR KIDS.

Professor X
Cast: Patrick Bojanowski, Stewart Gross

Purple Crayons
Cast: Julie Silverstein, Brian Brunson, Rebecca Jacobson, Shanna Leonard, Natasha Kong
We are a Harold team that sometimes decides to skip all the beats and jump right to the run. Our unique opening is based on Urban Dictionary and involves the audience and team members from the get-go.

Pyrex-N-Effect [San Diego/Phoenix]
Cast: Kat Brown, Jose Gonzalez
Kat Brown of Finest City Improv in San Diego and Jose Gonzalez of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix both admire vintage Pyrex cookingware and are now joining forces!

Quiet Quartet
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Tony Cani, Christian Baum, Possibly Others? 😀
Tony, Chiristian, and Jacob are going to do an improv show. What format? Probably a Spokane, Slacker, Harold, or a Movie. Are there other people? Maybe. Did I chip my tooth before writing this description? Yes. One thing is for sure though, improv mischief will be had.

Redacted Pterodactyls
Cast: Julie Silverstein, Danielle Friedman, Mindy, Krissy Lenz
We have done all kinds of goofy things together off the stage. We’ll take some of those goofy things and see what we can put together on the stage.

Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth Presents The Killer Kaiju
Cast: Arturo Ruiz & Tommy Cannon

Cast: Billy Brandes and Brian Ress
Rodney is a two man improvised band taking suggestions of songs from the audience and making them up right there.

Cast: Caitlyn Rogers, Carrie Behrens, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa, Rick Larsen (if available), Rachel Tullio (probably)
In this high audience participation show, a normal video (TBD) will play when suddenly a commercial showcasing shrimp will interupt the show, prompting the audience to chant “SHRIMP” until the commercial stops. This will repeat until the show ends.

Cast: Julie Silverstein, Krissy, Emily Ayers, (others to be determined)
Some of the shorter people of NCT (National Comedy Theatre) presents improvisation out of our theatre in Mesa, AZ. We have an emphasis on honest real scenework, and games because we love it.


Skewed News Hour
Cast: Clifton Gray, Eric Storie, Javier Gilmore, Jacque Arend, Liz Hutchman, Rick Grove, Sam Haldiman
“The Skewed News Hour is a new take on the news! Every Friday at 7pm, you select news articles of the day and SNH performers will use them as inspiration for their improvised scenes. The Skewed News Hour takes some of the best improvisors in the Valley and throws today’s hottest headlines their way to create great comedy. Turn off your TV, throw away your laptop, and stay up-to-date in a way you never imagined!”

Cast: Jacque Arend and Stewart Gross
Improvised horror – Audience names the monster. It’s inspired from our 2017 Gemini show.

Somewhere In Time Dash
Cast: Bill Binder, Merrie Greenfield
The multiverse theory applied to relationship scenes between the same two people, in which one person time travels, changing the outcome each time. The permutations of relationship and its boundaries are explored, each incarnation heightened and more hilarious.

Cast: Andrew Hadder, Meredith Howell
Close your eyes. Breathe In….Breathe Out. Connect with your core. Breath In…Breath Out. Let your mind drift. Breathe In…Breathe Out. Come back to your core. Breath In…Breathe Out. Open your eyes. Where are you?

Star Trek: Between Gigs aks ST:BG
Cast: Bill Binder, Tony Cani, Chris Avila, Stan Williams, Merrie Greenfield, Carrie Behrens (tech, sound, computer).
Join the crew of a Starfleet starvessel. They aren’t on a mission, in fact they are just between missions. See how they pass the time on the bridge.

The Beatdown Rap Battle
Cast: Emcee-Javier Gilmore, Master of Beats – TBA, Contestants – Emily Pack, Kendall Pack, Jose Gonzalez, Chris Avila, Meredith Howell, and Michael Ziman.
The Beatdown is an improvised rap battle between six super-talented, and super-funny, MCs that uses the audience to pick the WINNER! Word to all the mothers!

The Bee
Cast: Stewart Gross, Emili Gross, Chris Avila, Vikass Kumar, Clifton Gray, Caitlin Clark
An improvised spelling bee!

The Cavalry
Cast: Jack Parisson, Jacob Stovall, Christian Baum, Carrie Behrens Mckirchy
This show will be improvised within an inch of its life. We promise to plan nothing. We have literally combined to put hundreds of hours of practice into preparing to do a show for you that is completely made up.

The Colony
Cast: Javier Gilmore, Jacque Arend, Jose Gonzalez, Andrew Hadder, Merrie Greenfield, Chris Avila, Marisol Chavez AND MORE
It’s a show done in the dark! Let your imagination take control!

The Dangerous Trio
Cast: Jacob Stovall & Christian Baum
The Dangerous Trio is a three person Harold team comprised of Christian Baum and Jacob Stovall. After performing a total of one shows as a group, they are back for another one.

The French Show
Cast: Merrie Greefield, Nikki Stevens
About the worst French accents you can find in the funniest situations we can think of.

The Grumbach Dream Diaries
Cast: Nikki Stevens, Elizabeth Grumbach (real human, non improvisor!)
Elizabeth Grumbach has weird and extreme dreams that she has been dramatically documenting for years. In this show, she’ll share some surreal moments while accompanied by live guitar music.

The Hallway Show
Cast: Stacey Reed Hanlon, Merrie Greenfield, Nikki Stevens, Franny Sharpe, Bill Binder, some others A choose-your-own-adventure/peek behind the scenes, the audience can decide to watch the improvisors performing in the theater, or watch the ways the troupe waiting to go on entertain themselves “backstage” (in the hallway).

The Jew View
Cast: Jeremy Schwartz and Emili Gross
This yiddish laden radio show will give you a little joy and a little oy.

The Pardy Boys: The Mystery of the House that has Ghosts in It
Cast: Kendall Pack, Chris Avila
Skyler and Devon Hardy spend a spooky night in a haunted house, guided only by flashlights and your suggestion.

This Is The End
Cast: Clifton Gray
A dramatic reading of a poem created from the blackout lines (or actions, or sound such as “ghostly breathing”) from every show in Ghostfest 2017.

Tights [San Diego]
Cast: Kat Brown, Nikki Stevens, Bridget Cavaiola, and Nikki Stevens from Finest City Improv!
These ladies are tight!

Til Death Do Us Part
Cast: Chris Avila and Brandi Bigley
Chris Avila and Brandi Bigley are Greg and Shelly Patterson. Their marriage may be on the rocks but improv is their therapy. Will their marriage last? You’ll have to come to the show to find out. (Spoiler Alert: they filed for a divorce right before the show)

Too Cubed
Cast: Andrew Hadder, David Wilson, Eric Storie, Javier Gilmore, Lauren Pash, Meredith Dylan Howell, Michael Ziman, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa

Two Bald Guys
Cast: Brian Ress and Stewart Gross

Two Banditos!
Cast: Stewart Gross and Emili Gross
In 2017, a blast of light energy from a solar flare reanimated Richard Nixon from his grave. He soon became fast friends with Bill Clinton. They now perform improvised adventures all over the world!

Unicorn Bloodbath
Cast: Jeff Cardello, Danielle Friedman, David Lorello, Sean McBride, Jackie Rich
Unicorn Bloodbath (Warpath) performs an original show, “The Sigmund,” based on the personality concepts of Sigmund Freud. Each member’s unique perspective adds to the characters and scenarios that we create together.

Verizon Qwest
Cast: Jose and Marisol
VerizonQwest is Marisol Chavez and Jose Gonzalez from The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona and we do improv at the speed of light! We do anywhere between 1000 and 1,000,000,000,000 scenes in a show. We play big, physical, fast, furious, chaotic, and we make a big mess of things and let the audience make sense of it.

whateVR’s cleVR
Cast: Chris Avila
Do you have an idea for VR’s new killer app? Let noted reviewer and polygon-enthusiast Chris Avila run your simulation for you!

Wizard Sleeves
Cast: Nina Miller, Dawn Gilpin
What do these two ladywizards keep up their voluminous sleeves? Erudition, insatiable curiosity, and some secret sparkly magic. They might also be a little crazy after the long hours spent in isolation poring over obscure tomes, so who knows what to expect. Approach with caution.

Women Eating Yogurt In Sweaters
Cast: Annalisa Cordon, Payel Ray, Carrie Behrens, Merrie Greenfield
What if yogurt commercials really showed women getting insanely honest about what it’s like to be a woman in America today? That’s this show.

Cast: Danielle Friedman, Jackie Rich, Lauren Shellenbarger, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa
WoOT! (Women of Outrageous Tendencies) first came together in 2012 to perform in The Torch Theatre’s Second Annual Ghostfest. Since then, WoOT! has embraced growing and expanding both their troupe and their show. Each performance features characters created through big physical choices who travel down unpredictable paths. WoOT! has held several workshops for women improvisors at the Torch Theatre, to encourage them to find and explore their own outrageous natures, and performed in the 2016 Phoenix Improv Festival.

Your Proudest Feminist Moment [San Diego/Phoenix]
Cast: Nikki Stevens / San Diego and PHX womxn TBD
In the weeks leading up to this show, Nikki has been collecting stories of women, non-binary, trans* and genderqueer folks’ moments of triumph over oppression. (Which is funner than it sounds). This show invites the audience to read these snippets and craft the FEEL-GOOD-EST, EMPOWERINGEST, LOVEFEST-EST SHOW EVER.

Zombie Gourmet
Jackie Rich, Liz Hutchman, Andrew Bernier, Eric Storie



Jams are improv shows where anyone of any experience can join in to perform. Each jam has it’s own theme or concept.

Improv is for everyone! So for the sake of safety and to be welcoming and inclusive, jam participants agree to three guidelines:

  • Don’t Be A Jerk: Be kind and friendly with people off stage. Be kind and generous on stage. Avoid making others do unpleasant things in the name of yes-and. No punching down on people for their gender identity, sexuality, race, nationality, ethnicity, physical or mental issues, socio-economic status. Don’t drop slurs of any kind.
  • Don’t Be A Creep: Since jams feature performers who may not know each other, please respect people’s physical boundaries and assume that others don’t want to be touched in any way (unless you’ve gotten expressed consent to do so). This obviously includes any manner of touch that is sexually inappropriate. No leering in a way that could make someone uncomfortable. No trying to force sexually inappropriate situations into scenes.
  • Don’t Be A Legal Liability: No improv scene is worth hurting yourself or others. No sudden physical contact, striking, choking, shoving, tripping, or basically any movement that involves putting someone else in harm’s way. The fights and stunts you see in works for film, television, or on stage are highly choreographed and directed by people with years of experience. Those fights are practiced by participants who’ve agreed ahead of time to them and have the advantage of multiple takes and camera angles that make those fights look more realistic than it actually is. If some motion or movement absolutely has to be done in a way to portray being sudden and/or targeting another character, do it in super-slow-motion (way slower than you even think is possible) while still respecting people’s personal space. You might think it looks fake but if we can pretend like we’re opening refrigerators that aren’t actually there, drive cars portrayed by two chairs/stools right next to each other, and use object work to use landline rotary phones that no one has anymore, then it’s totally okay for our fighting on stage to be way slow-motion and looking fake.

Play on!

Best Blank Ever Jam
Cast: open jam
Every scene in this jam is the best blank ever and every initiation is “This is the best (blank) ever!”

Cacophony of Noise: Musical instruments do the talking in this discordant and beautiful mess of scene work. JAM SHOW, bring any musical instrument to join.

Ghostfest vs Music [Portland/Phoenix]
Open participation; Bryan Fernando in tech booth
Bryan from Bryan vs Music, aka DJ B-Fern, makes groups from Phoenix and beyond improvise to tunes both well-loved and completely unknown.

Jam-ish-ness hosted by Bill Binder
Starting at midnight; submit your Ghostfest Shows and workshop ideas to be a part of Ghostfestfest.

Jumanji Jam!
Cast: open jam
Monoscene Style Jam that explores a theme suggested by the audience in the world where a magical board game causes crazy stuff to happen (See Zathura or Jumanji as examples of these worlds).

LOLitaliano! An All-Laugh Garden Jam!
Cast: open jam
All of the scenes in this jam take place at every improvisor’s favorite American casual dining restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine. When you’re here, you’re fam— uh, you’re getting unlimited breadsticks!

Music Box Jam
Cast: Open jam
Based on a warmup from Jill Bernard’s Fireball Theory workshop, the jam will start with all participants snapping their fingers. Participants will then add in any sound they want (words, random sounds, stomping, etc) to build something wonderful together. The beat might morph into one cohesive song/chant/sound, or it might stay as a collection of individual sounds that create a layered and wonderful piece.

Nearly Yoga Jam
Cast: open jam
Every scene will feature performers doing some slow, easy going stretches but not exactly yoga.

OOPS! All Group Games Jam!
Cast: Open jam
Oh no! The improv factory is going haywire and every part of this jam is a group game. From beginning to end, group game after group game after group game! Group games!

Sound Effects Jam
Caitlyn Rogers, Brandi Bigley, Carrie Behrens, Dave Lorello, David Wilson, Marisol Chavez, Merrie Greenfield, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa
While typical scenework is performed, various sound effects will be used by anyone who wants to participate in the jam. Some logistics will depend on number of participants.

Swear-a-lot Jam
Cast: Tony Cani will host this open participation jam and make sure people know that performers still have to follow Torch jam rules of being a good person and not a creep. BUT you get to swear as much as possible during the jam, and the more creative swearing the better.
Ever want to put your head in a pillow and swear as loud as you can? There is a jam for that! Join improvisers of all experience levels in a jam that encourages the sweet release of creative swearing.

You Are Here
Open jam
Let’s scene paint! No, you don’t get it, let’s ONLY. SCENE PAINT. It’s gonna get WEIRD.