Ghostfest 2019 Show Descriptions

Ghostfest 2019 Show Info (Cast & Descriptions)
Alphabetic order by name.
(Show info subject to change.)
(Updated 2019-10-10, 2:37pm)

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Anthony and Caitlyn Listen to George Harrison
Cast: Anthony Benites and Caitlyn Rogers
Anthony mentioned during an improv warm-up that he does not know who George Harrison is. I will play him two George Harrison songs and we will draw/write how we are feeling about the songs on the white board.

Apollo 12
Cast: Bill Binder, Mack Duncan, Rick Larsen, Jon Jahrmarkt, Arturo Ruiz
Apollo 12 proves that nerds can do improv.

Asking For A Friend
Cast: Hava Derby & friends
A Live advice column! 2-3 players answer questions pulled out of a box/bucket from theatergoers wanting help around relationships, work, etc. The discussion between the players about their own experiences and the advice they share will inform the scenes between questions.

Awkward Smile
Cast: Christopher Avila, Jacob Tuskai, Merrie Greenfield
Three people who love to improvise are going to improvise together. Other people will watch the improvising, and one of those people could be you.

Bad Baby
Cast: Tony Cani, Franny Sharpe, Alex Gilman, Carolyn Wright, Jacob Andrew, Jessica Klemm, Annalisa Cardon, Christian Michael Baum, Anthony Benites
Catch a sneak peak of the Torch’s newest house team at Ghostfest, before their official debut. Coached by Noah Goldenberg.

Bane of Existence – A Netflix Comedy Special
Cast: Jacob Stovall
Bane performs standup.

Be Somebody: The Game Show (Jam)
Cast: Christian Michael Baum
People can come up one by one to do a 30 second to 2 minute scene and they will be paid a small amount of money. Win real cash in America’s hottest new role play improv game show!

Cast: Tony Cani; Meredith Howell; Caitlyn Rogers
Trio performs a monoscene based on audience answers to three vulnerable questions (the most vulnerable being “Can we get a location?”)

Billy Joel & the Projector Room (15)
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Aleks Hollis
Alex and Aleks are Steve & Tom and they’re gonna do some improv just for you!

Cast: Internationally renowned singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and DJ from Iceland, Björk + you, you, you, and you!
Björk + Breakfast = Björkfast! Everyone is welcome to join Björk for a real breakfast catered by our friends at 5th Avenue Cafe in Midtown Phoenix!

Cast: Anthony Benites, Jacob Stovall, Alex Gilman
So Cal Community College’s best improv team and the most recent winners of the Cerberus Cup, BLAAH 🤙👅🤙 is made up of 3 bros trying to do great improv while learning more about themselves.

Cast: Michelle Cannon, Tommy Cannon
The Cannons improvise a montage of scenes with a focus on strong characters and unique relationships. Join us on a spooky adventure with thrills and edge-of-your-seat excitement!

The Cone
Cone: Jacob Cano, Jessica Klemm, Anthony Benites
These performers bonded over the fact that 2017 was the craziest year in their life. Watch as they dive into stories from the audience from their 2017 and improvise a series of scenes inspired by their life during that year.

Daisy Chain Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of all experience levels
This jam is all about the Slacker — we start with a two-person scene and through a series of tagouts we learn more about the world these characters live in.

The Dangerous Improv Friends
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Jacob Tuskai, Christian Michael Baum, Anthony Benites
These Great Improv Friends meets The Dangerous Trio in the ultimate improv crossover event.

The Dangerous Trio
Cast: Christian Michael Baum, Jacob Stovall
The Dangerous Trio was formed when Christian and Jacob’s 8 person Harold class became just three. And then just two on the night of the show. They are known for making big choices, doing a pretty damn good invocation, and yelling a lot. Like a whole lot.

Del and Del Invocation
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Christian Michael Baum
Old and Young Del Close do an invocation.

Drama Club
Cast: Marisol Chavez, Jacob Stovall
Two actors take the stage, but only one of them has the script.

Cast: Brandi Bigley, Annalisa Cardon, Jennifer Giralo, Marisol Chavez, Merrie Greenfield, Carrie Behrens, Jess Klemm, Mindy Keeling, Madi Butler
Betse Green’s Ghosts and Echoes

Name: 5&Diner
Cast: Anthony Benites, Aleks Hollis, Jacob Stovall.
Three friends re-enacting recent events in the way the most likely happened.

5 Minutes of Bunny Bunny
Cast: Open jam for participants of all experience levels
We do 5 minutes of the improv warmup game Bunny Bunny to help wake up anyone who is drowsy and to sharpen the minds of those who are still going.

The Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse
Cast: David Lorello, Sean Ryan McBride, Megan Scott, Joe Wister
What happens when one member of Unicorn Warpath gets sucked through a portal into a different universe and two members of Always in Trouble enter through that same portal? A multiverse of improv!

Franklin Institute
Cast: Mitch Cravens, Jennifer Giralo, Noah Goldenberg, Merrie Greenfield, Caitlyn Rogers, Camela Kiernan
Franklin Institute is a house team currently performing weekly at The Torch Theatre. Franklin Institute delivers a balanced mix of grounded and imaginative scenes to build a world for the characters and relationships they explore.

From Justin to Kelly (New York)
Cast: Kelly Buttermore, Justin Peters
The nationally touring improv duo From Justin to Kelly performs the Walter, a minimalistic monoscene that emphasizes silence, eye contact, and total commitment to the moment.

Cast: Alex Gilman, Jennifer Giralo, Chris Avila
Alex, Jen, and Chris perform as G.A.G. (pronounced “jag”) and they’re gonna do some improv just for you!

G-G-G-G-Ghost Jam!
Cast: Jam participants of all experience levels
Costumed jammers (whether elaborately costumed or costumed with a single item) improvise a whole show of multiple scenes BUT no one is allowed to make references to the costumes being worn! A Ghostfest classic!

Cast: Bill Binder, Jose Gonzalez, Jon Jahrmarkt
Galapagos is one of the pioneering forces of longform improv in Phoenix, has performed across North America in nearly every major improv festival, and is happy to be at home at The Torch Theatre.

Cast: Bill Binder, Tommy Cannon, Jose Gonzalez
The three-headed beast arises! No, the other three-headed beast. The gigantic one. The one that fought Godzilla. No, that’s Gamera. Uh, more like a dragon-beast thing. Never mind. IMPROV!

Ghostvale Jr High Morning Announcement Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of all experience levels
It’s the beginning of the week for Ghostvale Jr High and there are plenty of announcements from members of the administration, the faculty, and the student body.

Hale & Hearty
Cast: Marisol Chavez & Caitlyn Rogers
Grounded duo who begins with a brief audience member interview. We usually do a monoscene or three base scenes (each revisited once), depending on how we’re feeling.

Cast: Christian Michael Baum, Carrie Behrens, Marisol Chavez, Noah Goldenberg, Caitlyn Rogers, Jacob Stovall
We perform 3 Harolds in 15 minutes. That’s right. Each Harold is done in just 5 minutes.

Name: Hispanic! at the Disco
Cast: Anthony Benites
Solo Spanish monoscene from someone who’s uncomfortable performing solo, speaking in spanish, or being in one scene for too long.

Honey, I Shrunk The Jam! (15)
Cast: Open jam for participants of all experience levels
Inventor Wayne Szalinski has flubbed up and shrunk all the improv! Every scene in this jam has tiny characters existing in giant (to them) locations.

HOT MESS: Beyond the Grave
Cast: Liz Hutchman, Stacey Hanlon, Jacque Arend
Hot Mess and their wig collection is back at it again, this time creating characters that return from the dead with terrifying results. You, the audience, will help them define their ghostly characters as they come back to life, choosing a wig that will match the horror that these three comedians are sure to deliver from beyond the grave.

Cast: Meredith Howell & friends
This mystic show is gonna bring good, protective vibes to kickoff Ghostfest.

Hudson Bae
Britanee Hudson and Emily Pack showcase a high-energy, raw, goofy, musical montage all improvised and scored on the spot. They are best friends forever.

I’m With Her
Cast: Bill Binder, Merrie Greenfield
Two friends explore the nature of relationships and character-based discovery

Improvised Jackass
Cast: Christian Michael Baum, Jacob Stovall, Anthony Benites, Aleks Hollis
4 improvisors perform an improvised version of the show Jackass. Live. No script. No real danger (hopefully).

Cast: Jam participants all experience levels
This open jam features short improv games made up on the spot by a host — and anyone can host!

JaxN Reed + The JaxN Reed After Show
Cast: Jacque Arend, Stacey Hanlon (JaxN Reed), Jacque Arend, Stacey Hanlon, Alex Gilman, Christian Baum (After show)
Performing with each other since 2005 with brilliant stage chemistry, JaxN Reed is back! (JaxN Reed) The fan show for JaxN Reed with the cast from the show! (After Show)

Just Between You and Me?
Cast: Christian Baum, Merrie Greenfield
Secrets don’t make friends. Friends whisper their secrets at Ghostfest to inspire top secret improv. Nothing leaves this room, YA HEAR?

Katie Has Done Improv Once
Cast: Clifton Gray, Katie Gray
Last year, this show was called Katie Has Never Done Improv. We have not performed since then.

Kinhin (Jam)
Cast: Genevieve Gruenig, Chris Avila, Jacob Stovall, and jam participants
Kinhin is a silent intentional walking practice. You walk with personal awareness while “yes and’ing” your fellow intentional walkers by acutely mirroring pace,tempo and path. A group mind(and body)jam.

KPHX 104.8 Morning Zoo Crew Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of any experience level!
In the KPHX 104.8 studio, the Morning Zoo Crew’s cast of wacky characters bring their zaniness and fun (and occasional traffic reports) to make your morning drive-time slightly more bearable.

The Listeners
Cast: Susan Ragazzo, Anthony Benites, Merrie Greenfield
We play hard, we listen hard.

Mack Duncan: 1-Man Show – Unprepared TED Talk
Cast: Mack Duncan
Since 2009, Mack Duncan has experimented with the concept of solo improvisation. Past shows have included multi-character/multi-scene montages, a sad rendition of a piano bar, a raw autobiography in the style of the theatrical “1-Man Show,” and the improvised TED Talk. The program has made multiple appearances in Ghostfest and was the first solo show to appear in The Phoenix Improv Festival.

Manly Manly Men
Cast: Taylor Moschetti, Brandi Bigley, Jennifer Giralo
Manly Manly Men performs a multitude of high-energy scenes inspired by a day in the life of an audience member.

Middle School Crush (Los Angeles)
Cast: Elisa Ellis, Matt Moeller, Cozi Orlen, Kelly Dez, Doug Bollschweiler
Middle School Crush is a long form improv group from Los Angeles CA, here to help you relive the awkward, wonderful, and charming moments when you had your first middle school crush.

Monoscene Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of any experience level
Jammers get randomly picked to play in small teams that do a single scene that takes place in one location with no edits of any kind.

Nathan, For You
Cast: Nathan Gorby, Jacob Stovall, Christian Michael Baum, Alex Gilman, Aleks Hollis, Anthony Benites, maybe others
We are doing this show in Nathan’s honor.

NextDoor Theatre
Genevieve Rice + a team of players
A team of improvisers will craft scenes from posts from NextDoor.

NITEPROV: Phaze 2 feat. Kevin Killshot and Derek Drive
Cast: Kevin Killshot (Chris Avila); Derek Drive (Clifton Gray)
Neon improv after dark, from a timeline tailgating our own. Welcome to the night shift.

Obliviated Potter
Cast: Brandi Bigley, Tony Cani, Caitlyn Rogers, Dave Lorello, Carrie Behrens, Christian Baum
How do people who don’t really know anything about our favorite school for witchcraft and wizardry perform in scenes based on the books and movies? This show is where you find out.

OOPS! All Group Games Jam!
Cast: Any and all jam participants of any experience level!
Oh no! The improv factory is going haywire and every part of this jam is a group game. From beginning to end, group game after group game after group game! Group games!

Cast: P4ND4H34D
World famous EDM DJ P4ND4H34D plays some EDM jams that will get the party jumping!

The Pardy Boys
Cast: Chris Avila, Kendall Pack
Just a good, old-fashioned mystery with absolutely no spooky stuff. EXCEPT FOR ALL THE MYSTERY.

Pet Cemetery
Cast: Carrie Behrens, Brandi Bigley, Tony Cani
Pet Cemetery consists of an award winning actress, and award winning playwright, and a guy named Tony.

Cast: TBA
Everyone’s favorite pocket monsters get together to improvise a show set in one location and with no edits, tag-outs, or breakaways.

Cast: TBA
Everyone’s favorite pocket monsters get together to improvise a show with multiple scenes in multiple locations and with plenty of edits, tag-outs, or breakaways.

Positive People Power Project
Cast: Franny Sharpe, Tony Cani, Brandi Bigley, Dave Lorello, Javier Gilmore, Carrie Behrens McKirchy, Christian Michael Baum
The hottest middle-school-assembly ticket in Maricopa County! P^4 brings high energy, tons of laughs, and some life lessons too.

Predictable Improv
Cast: Britanee Hudson, Tony Cani
One roommate is messy! An overbearing mom! Trying to dig a hole! Selling stuff at a store! Come see these and other predictable improv scenarios played out to perfection.

Present Tense
Cast: Jose Gonzalez, Marisol Chavez, Caitlyn y mas?
See what happens when improvisers who are trying to learn Spanish decide to try to do a show in Spanish.

Cast: EVERYONE & Chris Avila
HIT MY MITTS AND BRING YOUR BITS. Get in line. When it’s your turn, give me twenty straight punches as fast as you can. Then a boxing pun. If it’s AWFUL, twenty more punches.

Purple Crayons
Cast: Rebecca Jacobson, Brian Brunson, Shanna Leonard, Julie Silverstein
We are the Purple Crayons! We do close quarters-esque improv!

Cast: Genevieve Gruenig
Quiet is the exploration of the impact of connecting through shared emotions.

Rat Kween
Cast: Marisol Chavez, Franny Sharpe, Meredith Howell, Merrie Greenfield, Jennifer Giralo
Rat Kween improvises and discovers intricate relationships, environments, and characters through a single continuous scene.

Riot Jam!
Cast: Jam for womxn/non-binary/gender non conforming folx
Get ready for Riot Jam! Riot Jam gives the phenomenal female identifying nonbinary and gender noncomforming improvisors of Arizona a chance to mix it up together while having fun on stage. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth Presents Isaac Asimov is ALIVE
Arturo Ruiz and Tommy Cannon use narrative improv to make a sci-fi robot story come to life in an intelligent yet fun way.

Rubber Ducky Mafia
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Merrie Greenfield, Dave Lorello
Three people bring the wild west to life with no costumes, no props, and no horse! Yes, you heard it right here, not even a horse!

Rug of Love (San Diego)
Cast: Ron Rice, Gosia Malgorzata, Babel Barm, Dave Lyndsey, Ozzie Gontang, Michael Romero, Keith Duell, Erica Oberbaurer, Vanessa Anton
Fast paced indie team from San Diego Ca performing the slacker form in their own crazy way.

Shift Manager
Cast: Dave Lorello, Merrie Greenfield, Noah Samuel
Three people exploring the hilarity of relationships in 15 minutes!

Cast: Annalisa Cardon, Aleks Hollis, Payel Ray
Scenes based on true stories, true stories inspired by music.

Simplicity Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of any experience level
An improv jam broken down to its most simple parts: two-person scenes with no interruptions where we learn about characters and their relationship.

Cast: Mindy Keeling, Marisol Chavez, Nina Miller, Jose Gonzalez, Payel Ray, Madi Butler, Jess Klemm, Eric Storie, Carrie Behrens, Christian Michael Baum
Spearmint was created as a house team at The Torch Theatre in 2013. Ever since, our goal as a team has been to stretch the boundaries of what a Harold can be while supporting each other on and off stage.

Star Trek: Between Gigs
Cast: Tony Cani, Bill Binder, Chris Avila, Carrie Behrens, Merrie Greenfield, Jacob Stovall, Christian Baum Star Trek: Between Gigs is a show where you get to see what the heck happens on the bridge of a starship when it is done with one mission and traveling around waiting for its next assignment.

Jose Gonzalez talks too GD much and wants to challenge himself to STFU. STFU FTW is a non-verbal improv show soundtracked by a playlist inspired by an audience suggestion.

Stephen King, Improv Critic
Cast: Christian Michael Baum
Pet Cemetery superfan brutally reviews their latest show.

Cast: TBA
A cast of some of the Torch’s most fun performers perform the classic improv show format, The Living Room. TeeVee gives the Chicago-born show a Phoenix spin with an audience suggestion inspiring a casual conversation that leads to ridiculous improvised characters in impossible situations!

Terrible Quartet
Cast: Jacob Stovall, Christian Michael Baum, Tony Cani
Last year, only Jacob showed up to this because one person got sick and the other had a conference. This year, everyone is gonna meet the Terrible Quartet.

“That’s My Jam!” Jam feat. DeeJay Aleks
Cast: Carrie Behrens, Aleks Hollis, Annalisa Cardon
Have you ever been going about your life, and then that one special song comes on and you just have to shout out “That’s my jam!” and start dancing? Well that’s what this jam is.

Thin Veil
Cast: Marisol Chavez, Vanessa Anton
This is a duo that isn’t afraid to show what’s beneath the surface.

This American Ghostfest
Cast: Susan Ragazzo, Carrie Behrens, Franny Sharpe, Merrie Greenfield, Dave Lorello, Jacob Stovall, Chris Avila, Stacey Reed-Hanlon, maybe Gretchen Wirges, Bill Binder, Anthony Benites
Public radio zeitgeist “This American Life” is lovingly parodied in this improvised production of quirky-voiced, not-boring storytelling. Audience chooses a theme, we bring you (short) stories based on that theme, our show in two to three acts.

This Show is About You
Cast: Meredith Howell and Kayla Hanson
This Show is About You. It’s personal, pointed, and petty. It’s also present, poised, and peaceful. This is the pull between Ego and Spirit – reality television and church. A duo show aiming to explore the duality of ourselves and existence.

This Show was Noah’s Idea
A beat plays. Jacob Stovall enters. He proceeds to act like he is going to start rapping but continually doesn’t do so.

Til Death Do Us Part
Cast: Brandi Bigley & Chris Avila (Jacob Stovall & Christian Michael Baum)
After last years show & divorce, the once passionate improv duo Greg & Shelly Patterson are back! Their kids have forced them to perform again & will be encouraging/heckling them from the audience.

Torch Radio Hour
Cast: Carrie Behrens, Marisol Chavez, Aleks Hollis, Jose Gonzalez, Javier Gilmore, Merrie Greenfield, Jacob Stovall
A totally improvised radio play featuring live sound effects!

Twilight Jam
Cast: Open jam for participants of all experience levels!
Twilight Jam celebrates the spooky improv scenes that happen just before the break of dawn!

Cast: Marisol Chavez, Jose Gonzalez
We do improv at the speed of light.

Wedding Party
Cast: Aleks Hollis, Jennifer Giralo
Wedding Party takes you on a journey through an entire improvised special occasion.

What’s In Merrie’s Purse?
Cast: Merrie, her purse
Public demand to know has increased to deafening levels, so Merrie is giving into bullying demands to know what the f*** is inside that big, heavy, Mary-Poppins-looking purse. Further queries after this show will not be entertained, so you’d best come.

whateVR’s cleVR
Cast: Chris Avila
VR is better than just R. Join me for a state-of-the-art (and perfectly safe) simulation of a simulation.

Wizard Sleeves
Cast: Nina Miller & Dawn Gilpin
What do these two ladywizards keep up their voluminous sleeves? Erudition, insatiable curiosity, and some secret sparkly magic. They might also be a little crazy after the long hours spent in isolation poring over obscure tomes, so who knows what to expect. Approach with caution.

Who ARE You?
Cast: Brandi Bigley, Anna Katen, Kayana Hudson-Sweeney, Nathalie Cadieux, and maybe more!
Who ARE You? is a team of women Brandi has assembled who rarely frequent The Torch but Brandi thinks they should play more!

Cast: Jose Gonzalez
In this improvised solo show, Jose Gonzalez strips away all his performance artifice and shines light on all the corners that he might normally hide in via painfully honest personal stories and visceral stream-of-consciousness thoughts. XYZ will either be a great unlocking of universal truths or a total emotional trainwreck. Either way, fun for audience members!

Yoga Jam
Cast: Genevieve Gruenig and participants of all yoga experience levels, even none!
Certified yoga instructor Genevieve Gruenig leads a series of yoga poses that are great for any and all as a way to start the day feeling great!