Ghostfest 2018 Show Schedule, Information, and Things of Notes

There are a lot of great things to be excited about for this year’s Ghostfest (Friday, October 12th, and Saturday, October 13th)! Thank you for your involvement with and support of Ghostfest, which is a fundraiser for the annual Phoenix Improv Festival.

This email is packed with a lot of information; please pass it on to your teammates and cast members! If you have any questions, you can email me back at this address — — or text me at 602-492-7765!

You can also find online copies of this information here:

* Ghostfest 2018 Code of Conduct

By participating in Ghostfest and being on the premises of our two venues, The Torch Theatre and Megaphone PHX (across the street from The Torch), you are agreeing to the Ghostfest 2018 Code of Conduct. Please make sure that all of the performers in your show(s) are aware of this.


* Special Ghostfest 2018 Workshop!

The amazing Kat Brown, Director of the Finest City Improv Training Center in San Diego and new board member/CEO of The Improv Network, is teaching her awesome workshop, Big & Bold Choices: Get in There Hot!, on Friday, October 12th, from 1pm to 4pm at The Torch Theatre. There are still some spots open and you can enroll for just $40!

Info & registration:

* Volunteering for Ghostfest 2018!

There are still opportunities to help out during the most jam packed weekend of improv!

* Ghostfest 2018 Social Media!

When posting please use the hashtag #ghostfest and please feel free to tag The Torch!

Instagram & Twitter: @TheTorchTheatre

The Torch Theatre Facebook page: / @TheTorchTheatre

Ghostfest FB Group:

Ghostfest avatars & banners for social media:

* Ghostfest 2018 Show Schedule!

The schedule is posted in its entirety at

The direct link of the Google Spreadsheet of the show schedule is

* Ghostfest 2018 Show Description & Cast Info!

If there are any changes or updates, please email me at this email address:

The link below also has a list of jams that will be happening over Ghostfest weekend.

Also, Bjorkfast at 10am on Saturday, Oct 13th is a show that features free breakfast!

* Ghostfest 2018 Performer Pass Info!

General Ghostfest Performer Pass Bracelet (free for all in-town performers)

Every in-town performer can perform for free and can have backstage/Annex access just like any other weekend at The Torch. There is no obligatory participation fee for in-town performers.


– You get a paper bracelet that helps us know that you’re a performer and not a random person wandering around. There will be a lot of people, audience members, performers, and volunteers around!

– Paper bracelet will be available at The Torch Theatre box office during all of Ghostfest.

– Backstage/Annex space access where there will be free soft drinks and snacks.

– Standby seating. If there are open seats and no standby line of Premium Pass Bracelet holders and ticketed patrons, General Ghostfest Performer Pass holders will be seated. If there is a priority standby line, General Ghostfest Performer Pass holders must wait until that line is cleared and there is available seating.

Ghostfest Premium Performer Pass Bracelet for Performers & Volunteers

FREE for Ghostfest volunteers and out-of-town performers


– Stylish, limited edition commemorative glow-in-the-dark silicon bracelet that you can wear with pride year-round!

– Backstage/Annex space access where there will be free soft drinks and snacks.

– Priority seating*! (*Seating is first come, first served. When seating is at capacity, a priority standby line will be established. Ghostfest Premium Performer Pass Bracelet will be seated as seating becomes available.)

– The Ghostfest Premium Performer Pass Bracelet is optional for in-town performers but it’s a fun way to support the PIF fundraising efforts. This pass is $10 and available at the box office during Ghostfest hours or via The Torch’s Square store if you’d like to pay ahead of time.

– Out-of-town performers will receive their Ghostfest Premium Performer Pass Bracelet as part of their troupe/show’s gift bag which they can pick up in the backstage/Annex space at The Torch Theatre.

* There are two different Ghostfest venues walking distance from each other!

The Torch Theatre, 4721 North Central Avenue in Phoenix (Google map link)

As usual, The Torch will be open for 32+ hours starting at 6pm on Friday, October 12th.

For the general public, the All-Show Pass Bracelet is $15, a six-hour pass is $10, and a two-hour pass is $5 (only available at the box office).

The Ghostfest Mega Stage @ Megaphone PHX, 4700 North Central #112

For the second year in a row, we have a special arrangement with the wonderful art space across the street from The Torch. Shows will be running here from 8pm to Midnight on both Friday and Saturday nights of Ghostfest. These shows will be free to the general public!

[We recommend performers park at The Torch and then cross the street at the Highland Avenue crosswalk.]

* Backstage/The Annex

If you’ve never been to The Torch, you can ask the volunteer at the box office to direct you to the Annex, which is our backstage area for hanging out, snacking, and socializing. In the Annex, out-of-town teams will find a gift bag for your team with your premium performer passes and other treats (even if your team is performing at Megaphone across the street).

Since Ghostfest is a dry, alcohol-free event, soft drinks will be provided for free. There will also be snacks but feel free to bring your own favorite snacks for yourself or to share!

* Pre-Show Protocol

– Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your show’s time slot.

– Performing at The Torch? Sign in via the clipboard in the Annex space. Whoever is the host/house manager at the time will be checking who signs in.

– Performing at Megaphone? Sign in via the clipboard at the check-in table near the entrance. Whoever is the host/house manager at the time will be checking who signs in.

– If a team hasn’t arrived by 30 minutes before their show, the host/house manager will start making arrangements for their time slot to be filled with a substitute show or jam.

* Recording of Shows & Filming Around The Torch

All Ghostfest shows will be recorded on video (single-camera wide shot) that will be posted online and will be made available for download for your own purposes.. If you would rather that your show not be recorded, please contact our tech director, Bill Binder via

We’ll also have a documentary film crew around. If you’d rather not be included, you can email Bill at and we’ll make arrangements.

Be excellent to each other, have a good luck, and have a great Ghostfest!