Every Friday – 8:30pm – $10 1st Fridays: Feature Light Rail Pirates 2nd Fridays: Feature Apollo 12 3rd Fridays: Feature Unicorn Warpath 4th Friday: Feature JaxN Reed FULL LINE-UP PURCHASE TICKETS The Torch Theatre presents The Trifecta, a night of

  October 21st features Galapagos October 28th features SIDECOACH Every Saturday – 7pm – $7 First Saturday – Bingo Jam – FREE Second Saturday – Mail Order Bride – $7 Third Saturday – Galapagos – $7 Fourth Saturday – SIDECOACH $7 PURCHASE TICKETS The

THE CASSETTE A Galapagos Production Featuring special productions by Director’s and groups who build an entire show experience that runs for four weeks every month. Explore new and interesting performances that are presented by some of the best creative minds

Featuring a new special guest every week. Octobers’s Neighbors: To be Announced Purchase Tickets The Neighborhood takes a special guest monologist from Phoenix’s arts, music, and culture scene and their real-life stories inspire improvised scenes and characters to create a

Students will create an entire show focusing on the format Harold, created by Del Close, the father of longform improvisation. This format will introduce openings and group games as well as continue the enrichment of on stage relationships through strong,

Taught by a senior instructor of the Torch Theatre, this class will focus on the ensemble. As a group the students will create and develop a format that is tailored to the strengths and abilities of the individual to complement