Students will create an entire show focusing on the format Harold, created by Del Close, the father of longform improvisation. This format will introduce openings and group games as well as continue the enrichment of on stage relationships through strong,

Every Thursday – 8pm – $5 The Jump bounces into every Thursday night at The Torch Theatre! Catch special event shows like The Third Wheel and The Gemini Show as well as student showcases and new & emerging groups, shows,

Every Friday – 8:00pm – $10 1st Fridays: Feature Light Rail Pirates 2nd Fridays: Feature Apollo 12 3rd Fridays: Feature Unicorn Warpath 4th Friday: Feature JaxN Reed FULL LINE-UP April 5th Too Cubed Pet Cemetery Light Rail Pirates April 12th Too

The Run presents The Colony Radio Hour, performing an improvised show in the form of an old time radio show, complete with commercials and sound effects (provided by our sound effects player, Aleks Hollis). Let us transport you to a

The Torch Theatre flies the flag high for improvisors of all experience levels jamming out together in The 4th Friday Flash Jam! Put your name in the jam bucket and once the show starts, groups of 7 players will be

Taught by a senior instructor of the Torch Theatre, this class will focus on the individual performer in an effort to strengthen the ensemble. In-depth feedback will be given to challenge and inspire students to make choices they would not

  Every Saturday – 8pm – $7 Second Saturday – Galapagos – $7 Third Saturday – Beach Blanket Bingo – $7 Fourth Saturday – SIDECOACH $7 Full Lineup April 6th Franklin Institute Soulo April 13th Franklin Institute Galapagos April 20th Franklin