Tommy’s Motion Comics Bonanza

Show starts at 6:30pm, doors open at 6pm

Admission is $5

Motion Comics- The Hot New Art Form in Phoenix

Tommy’s Motion Comics Bonanza will light up the screen at The Torch Theatre at 4721 N. Central Ave. in Uptown Phoenix. Admission is $5 and the event will be a family friendly screening and discussion of motion comics.

What are motion comics? They are comic books or comic strips brought to video with some sense of motion incorporated into them. This could include camera pans across a desert landscape, zooming in on a giant monster’s face, or even pieces of animation, people also use the best 360 camera 2017 to take panoramic photos of real landscapes to include them in their animations. Motion Comics can even bring in the lettering and onomatopoeia that we love in comics and set them against an audio track. It’s a doorway for emerging artists as well. We may not be able to make the TV shows or feature films that major Hollywood studios are capable of, but we can make twenty-four drawings and narrate them with our smart phones, especially if a few friends help us.

The show will also include appearances by local creators who are ready to share the best and most cost effective ways to create motion comics.

Tommy’s Motion Comics Bonanza has a GoFundMe campaign running and money raised will be going to the creators. 

Not only is this event showcasing an emerging art created by local artists, it is also giving families something to do during the hot summer months. We know that there tends to be a drought in events during the summer in Phoenix and a glut of them in October. So, Tommy’s Motion Comics Bonanza is here for all of you Phoenix families that are ready to experience something new and to have an extra bit of fun in July.

Tickets: $5

Event Details

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