The Run Features Nine Blanket

Nine Blanket Performs on
Nov 4th, 18th & 25th

November 11th – Special Feature:
Nine Blanket Present Solo Showcase


  • Jesus Died Racing Ferrari’s
  • Spoiler Alert

In Nine Blanket, Clifton Gray performs all of the characters at once over the course of a 45-to-50-minute show. We take three separate words from the audience and use each word to outline the characters in each of three scenes. We then revisit the scenes in each of the three acts (hence the “nine” in the title). Nothing is prepared beforehand, but inevitably the scenes end up sharing a common theme: one show might be about people seeking redemption for things they’ve done, while other shows may end up focusing on the search for love and the obstacles encountered along the way. Dramatic elements come up frequently and shows may tend toward the serious end of the scale. Or not! We don’t know until it happens and we discover the resolution of each scene along with the audience.

Clifton has been a performer at The Torch Theatre in Phoenix since 2011. He has seen myriad improvised performances, with styles ranging from improvised tragedy to strict plot-driven narrative to pure Harold, and Nine Blanket is a synthesis of his favorite parts of what he’s seen.

The Run is a monthly unscripted production that has been workshopped and rehearsed with a director or coach. It revolves to feature an established group who is presenting an improvised show formatted specifically for this feature or a directed production that has been designed to be presented as an unscripted play. The Run is advancing and revolutionizing the art of longform improvisation as we know it. Be a part of an experience that is an exploration of possibility.

Performing :
Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 25 November 2017

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