The Run Presents Tommy Cannon Action Figure

Every month the Run features performers who have worked to put together a new show concept or performance.

 Tommy Cannon Action Figure is a one-person improvised comedy show in which the theatre becomes an action figure play set. The audience suggests a name of a world and the performer brings that world to life through improv, puppetry, and drawing. Audience members are encouraged to wear costumes to give the space a feeling of a different world, and to make us not feel ridiculous when we host the costume contest before the performance. Audience members will also be invited to literally draw elements of the location on the stage. Witness the evolutions, revolutions, and hilarity of a new world being spontaneously created within the walls of the theatre. It'll be the experience of a trillion lifetimes.
Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 24 June 2017

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