The Jump: The Gemini Show – a Night of Duos

See these match up duos

– one night only –

celebrating the twin

Each team put together at random

tackles genres in improv!


1st RomCom David Lorello
Bill Binder
2nd Drama Shane Shellenbarger
Michael Ziman
3rd Act/Adv Mack Duncan
Stewart Gross
4th Film Noir  Nathan Gorby
Danielle Friedman
5th Horror Christian Baum
Emily Pack
6th SciFi  Donald Strong
Tony Cani
7th Drama Brandi Bigley
Jeff Cardello
8th Film Noir William Wyss
Jacque Arend

The Jump bounces into every Thursday night at The Torch Theatre! Catch special event shows like The Third Wheel and The Gemini Show as well as student showcases and new & emerging groups, shows, & projects. Get a jump on your weekend with The Jump!

Tickets: $5

Event Details

This event finished on 14 June 2018

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