The Future: Almost Homeless From Orange County

The future features special guests from

Spectacles Improv Engine in Orange County:


The founders of Orange County’s Spectacles Improv Engine make up the two player team of Almost Homeless. Their set will focus on grounded, connected and slice-of-life improvisation. It is usually some ratio of touching and funny. Every time that ratio is different. With an ocean of experience performing together they bring with them a ton of friendship and stage experience that exudes from their performances.

Almost Homeless will have a featured group opening up for them – that team is TBD

It’s the return of the original late Friday night Phoenix improv comedy show: The Future is here now to give you some of the best fun you can have in the present!

Every Friday – 10pm – FREE!

Walk ups are welcome!

so are reservations – call or text 602-456-2876

or e-mail

Featuring Various Groups

Performing :
Hooray! Free!

Event Details

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