Student Showcase – Level 1, 3 and 5

The Torch Theatre’s Training Center finishes another session of classes. This show showcases the students who completed the eight week course.

Level 1: Beginning Longform: 

Sandy Kelly
Sarah Salthouse
Beatrice Wiesner
Maryn Herberg
Rozhin Imani
Joseph Brown
Kendall Pack
Yasmina Kurtic
Cody DiCavalcante
Jamie Sandomire

Level 3: Longform Performance (Harold): 

Sophia Casten
Stewart Gross
Rodney Dickerman
Michelle McNamara
Emili Gross
Nathalie Cadieux-Murphy
Kim Jones

Level 5: Master Class: 

David Lorello
Megan Scott
Camille Hartmetz
Jeff Dueck
Joe Wister
Puneet Bajwa
Jennifer Moore
Jack Turnbull
Tickets: $5

Event Details

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