Special Event: Peeling Back The Layers

Peeling Back The Layers

This is an artistic event that has the combination of film, poetry, photography, improve and a short play within two hours, to bring life and awareness the experiences of those who have suffered from domestic and sexual abuse. 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated to Arizona Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.
The films being features are The Black Project, a film about Ron Blake’s experiences in over coming PTSD due to sexual trauma. A trailer by Films Making a Difference by Diana Davis: Cathedral Canyon. Lastly a music video Blind Sided about domestic abuse directed by Carlos Berber.
There will be a poetry tribute featuring survivor’s poetry with the backdrop of original photography that also depicts the inner angst and turmoil from domestic and sexual abuse. The readers of the poetry will be Dawn Nixon, Diana Brest, Maximum Kay, Ashley Chanele, and Kim Wright. The Poets are: Cathy Voisard,Suzi Hannaway Grantham, Aly ONiell, Isabell Mansfield and Alia Kesseman. The models in the photographs are: Titus Covington, Naja Enjone, Dawn Nixon, Brenda Figueroa, Whitney Jean,Keith Obit and Tessa Rose Connole-Chapparone. Photographer is Suzanne Steinberg.
There will be a 15 minute improve from the improve troop  Heart of Darkness which is featuring Javier Gilmore.
There will lastly be a play called Shattered on the Table and Dripping off the Edge ( a play about prostitution). Written and Directed by Suzanne Steinberg and Staring: Karlie O’Hearn, Amanda Louise Rawnsley, Lance Turner, Jason Pyle, Jai Raja, Xavier Morris, and Diana Brest. Technical support by Mack Duncan. Music by Jocelyn Gillespie Obermeyer.

For Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2586214

Tickets: $10

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