Skewed News Hour

The Skewed News Hour has moved!

March 2017 featured the last shows on the Torch Theatre stage – the show’s home since 2011. The show’s creator, producer and regular performer Sam Haldiman has built a new theater in Central Phoenix and Skewed News Hour has become an anchor show in their programming. You can still find your favorite weekly show at Second Beat Improv Theater

6040 N 7th St #103, Phoenix, AZ 85014

“We are grateful and have loved our time at The Torch Theatre. It was the stage that fostered our voice providing consistent Friday night entertainment and we’ve appreciated the audience we built over the last six years. We look forward to the new home ahead and hope to see you at Second Beat.” ~ SNH Cast

The Torch Theatre has been proud to host this show every Friday at 7pm. We wish the cast of Skewed News and Sam Haldiman at Second Beat Theatre continued success. This is truly a representation of our Mission Statement at The Torch Theatre of building a bigger and better Phoenix Improv Community.

The Skewed News Hour is a new take on the news!
You select the news articles of the day and SNH performers will read them & use them as inspiration for their improvised scenes. The Skewed News Hour takes some of the best improvisors in the valley and throws today’s hottest headlines their way to create great comedy. Turn off your TV, throw away your laptop, and stay up-to-date in a way you never imagined!

Performing :
Tickets: $7

Event Details

This event finished on 31 March 2017

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