Shope & Nicols


w/ Joey Shope & Josh Nicols

Free Secret Show

Joey Shope loves improv. He loves it so much that he got a tattoo that says IMPROV on his wrist. Joey has been doing improv for 8 years, starting in high school and is still going to this day. Joey plays all over LA and Orange County and has played across the country at different Festivals.
Josh Nicols has been performing improv for over 20 years. A founder of Spectacles Improv Engine, The director of the Orange County Improv Festival and an Event Director of The Improv Cup. He is focused on a philosophy of organic, point of view based improvisation. Josh has traveled the country to challenge himself and soak up the wisdom of some of improv’s greatest masters.
Together they are SHOPE & NICOLS!
Hooray! Free!

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