Saying Yes with Dylan Rhode

Say yes so hard that the ‘and’ is inevitable. What information is being added, what energy is being released? This workshop will focus on how to get out of your head and just go for the simplest idea. Learn to simply say yes to the initiation and learn how to use this as natural discovery without having to think of what the ‘and’ even is.

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 29th 6:30pm-9:30pm

Prerequisite: All experience levels welcome.


Dylan Rhode’s 
is the founder of The Backline (Improv School/Comedy Theatre in Omaha,) Omaha Improv Festival, and Omaha Comedy Week. Trained and performed for almost 4 years at UCB-LA, trained and performed for 2 years at iO West, and was a member of the early LA Indie scene.

Combining UCB and iO has created a style that is both very focused on “Game” but also a necessity for finding “Relationship.” The goal is for a realistic and relatable scene, but also finding patterns to have fun with and get the audience laughing. He teaches the two most important qualities in improv are trust and listening.

Dylan has taught and performed at the Tampa Bay Improv Festival, Crossroads Comedy Festival (Indianapolis,) Third Coast Improv Festival (Nashville,) Improvention International Improv Festival (Australia,) HUGE Theatre (Minneapolis,) Voodoo Theatre (guest for Governor Jack twice) (Denver,) Kick Theatre (Kansas City,) The Improv Shop (St. Louis,) Last Laugh (Des Moines,) West Dakota Players (Rapid City,) Camping USA (Big Bear, CA.) He has performed in the Del Close Marathon, Chicago Improv Festival, LA Improv Festival, Second City-LA 24-hour Improv Festival.

Currently Teaching at: The Backline Comedy Theatre

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“Dylan Rohde has a way of teaching that makes his passion for improv infectious to his students. Everyone I’ve met that has studied with Dylan has his passion.” – Justin Franzen

“Having Dylan as a teacher will make anyone feel as if they were born to improvise. He makes exercises fun and concepts easy to understand.” – Lauren Morris

Tuition: $30


Event Details

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Workshop payment upon registration is required to secure your spot. Cancellations within 48 hours will forfeit the full workshop tuition. If you have trouble with the payment redirect, please contact
TERMS & CONDITIONS: After registration you will be redirected to make immediate tuition payment to save your spot in workshops. If you're registration is submitted without payment it will be ignored. Cancellation within 48 hours will forfeit a tuition refund. Missing more than the first 10 minutes of a one day workshop may result in dismissal with no refund.
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