Relationships w/ John Abbott

Most of the time when we’re onstage, we’re avoiding something that is already there; a relationship. Its amazing how many things that we’ll invent in order to stop talking about feelings, each other, or that thing that is happening between two people that the audience has already seen. Its risky to share of yourself on stage, and that’s never more apparent then when we have to explore a real relationship. But when you do… more often then not… the audience is completely drawn in.

Date & Time: Sunday, August 7th – 11am-2pm

Cost: $30

Prerequisite: Level 2 and above, or equivalent longform experience


johnaBIO: Chicago-born John Abbott has been performing improv for over 15 years.  A graduate of The Annoyance, iO, and the Second City’s Training Center, John interned and then managed at iO where he estimates that he saw over 5,000 improv performances. Mr. Abbott performed on several improv teams at iO and currently performs on Wing Night at The Playground which has just celebrated its 11th year as well as the improv duo Legends of Public Access, which most recently performed at the San Jose Improv Festival.  He’s coached a half dozen teams, which include Gulp (Theater 773), Hush (independent team), Karate Van (at The Playground), and the Procrastination League (independent team), all of whom have performed in the Chicago Improv Festival.

John started the Improviser’s Studio workshop program at the Playground, founded I3 (Individual Improv Intensive), teaches workshops across the country, judged for the regional College Improv Tournament, and is a re-occurring judge at the Improv Gladiators at the Cornservatory.

John Abbott is the official photographer for the Chicago Improv Festival, shooting every festival since 2001.

Tuition: $30


Event Details

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Workshops require immediate payment to secure your spot. If you choose to be invoiced - your invoice will be sent within 2 business days and quick payment will ensure you have a spot in class. This option could result in loosing your spot if the class becomes full. If you are on the waitlist or request an invoice for payment - please ignore the redirect after submitting. All cancellations are non-refundable within two days before your scheduled workshop.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: After registration you will be redirected to make immediate payment of $25.00 to save your spot. If you select to pay via invoice, that will be sent within two business days and your spot is subject to void if the class fills before payment it received. Cancellation within two days before your scheduled workshop will forfeit a tuition refund. If you select to pay via invoice or are on the wait list please ignore the redirect after you submit your registration. Missing more than the first 10 minutes of a one day workshop may result in dismissal with no refund.
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