Relationships On The Stage, and With The Stage w/ Joey Shope & Josh Nicols

In this class find out how how your relationship with your scene partner can be made even better by agreement and liking each other, and also find out how your relationship with the stage can improv the quality of both your scene and your entire show.

Prereq ~ Level 1 or Equivalent
Cost ~ $30
shopeJoey Shope loves improv. He loves it so much that he got a tattoo that says IMPROV on his wrist. Joey has been doing improv for 8 years, starting in high school and is still going to this day. Joey has graduated the IO West training program, Spectacles Improv training program, The Improv Space training program and he now teaches and coaches at both Spectacles Improv and The Improv Space. Joey has had training with some of the best improvisers in L.A. and is constantly working on his craft. Joey plays all over LA and Orange County and has played across the country at different Festivals. Joey also helps run the Orange County Improv Fest and is Director of Networking for Spectacles Improv Engine.
nicolsJosh Nicols has been performing improv for over 20 years. He has been coaching/teaching for 10. A founder of Spectacles Improv Engine, The director of the Orange County Improv Festival and an Event Director of The Improv Cup. He is focused on a philosophy of organic, point of view based improvisation. He was a member of the Acme Comedy Theatre, where he studied under Joseph Limbaugh, a founder of Dad’s Garage in Atlanta. Driven by a hunger to always be improving, Josh has traveled the country to challenge himself and soak up the wisdom of some of improv’s greatest masters. He now shares the gains of that healthy dissatisfaction as the Education Director at Spectacles, where he has taught hundreds of students for thousands of hours.

Tuition: $30


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