Position Play with Jeff Hawkins & Brian James O’Connell

By special arrangement with The Torch Theatre and ImprovMania, Jeff Hawkins & Brian James O’Connell of BillyHawk (iO West, Pack Theater, numerous festivals across the country) is teaching a special workshop at ImprovMANIA (250 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler)!

Position Play
In this workshop, you will learn that all scenes can be seen as one of four basic scene types. You will learn that each scene type has a built in set of rules that makes them work. You will learn all four scene types as well as how to listen for scene type and your position/character in that scene all in the first lines of a scene. Knowing what type of scene you are in and what your position is in that scene makes scene play relatively easy.

Date & Time: Saturday, October 22nd2pm to 5pm
Tuition Cost: $40
Prerequisite: Torch Level 1 or ImprovMania Level 1 or equivalent performance experience.
Location: ImprovMANIA – 250 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler

10954545_788523451240182_1940470287833728566_nJeff Hawkins is an acolyte of Miles Stroth, Del Close’s “War Chief” of the tribe of improv. You may have seen him play with Hawkinstroth or with Brian James O’Connell in BillyHawk. He currently plays with a few indie groups around Los Angeles. If you look closely, you can see him on Season 2 of HBO’s Enlightened or a 3 am rerun of “1000 Ways to Die.” Jeff is also a co-host of the pro wrestling podcast, Shake Them Ropes.

Brian James O’Connell is a working actor, writer, director in Los Angeles and a graduate of the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts (David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Jody Hill, Dane DeHaan and Jeff Nichols). 430198_237316939694172_2056797689_n A regular performer and teacher at the iOWest Theater in Los Angeles, Brian also currently teaches as part of the Core Faculty at the Pack Theater.
His comedy troupe, Dr. God recently completed their first feature film project BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS (starring Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal). which O’Connell directed (his third feature as a director) as well as co-writing the script. BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS was the Opening Night Premiere at Slamdance and will be released theatrically by Scream Factory! in 2015.
With his internationally touring improv duo Billyhawk and iOWest’s legendary improv group Dr. God, Brian has performed and taught in festivals in Denver, Phoenix, Toronto, Philadelphia, Austin, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chapel Hill, NC. Well-respected as one of Los Angeles’ premier improvisers, Brian is famous for his encyclopedic knowledge of minutiae and his insane recall ability and memory.
BOC also serves as the Director of Camp Outreach and is a board member for the non-profit Camp Improv Utopia, the premiere improv, acting and training retreat in the country.

Tuition: $40


Event Details

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