PIP – Preliminary Rounds

Phoenix Improv Playoffs

ROUND 5: March 9th

Apollo 12

Bill Binder, Mack Duncan, Arturo Ruiz, Jon Jahrmarkt, Rick Larsen

—VS —

Too Cubed

Andrew Hadder, David Wilson, Eric Storie, Javier Gilmore, Lauren Pash, Meredith Dylan Howell, Michael Ziman, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa

Too Cubed is a Harold Team

ROUND 6: March 9th


Michelle Cannon, Tommy Cannon

Cannonball slams Michelle & Tommy Cannon together. Michelle is a classically trained actress & a monologist. Tommy is a cartoonist & a writer. And together they bring a passion for playful energetic improv. Each Cannonball show gives focus to strong characters & interesting visuals.

—VS —


Billy Brandes and Brian Ress

Rodney is a two man improvised band taking suggestions of songs from the audience and making them up right there.

ROUND 1: March 2nd


Nikki Stevens, Merrie Greenfield, Sarah Caffee, David Wilson, Mindy Keeling, Nina Miller, Jose Gonzalez, Marisol Chavez, Dan Thompson, Kelly Burgess

Spearmint is the current PIP champion from 2017!

—VS —


Jacque Arend, Sam Haldiman, Javier Gilmore, Liz Hutchman, Eric Storie, Clifton Gray.

Skewed News Hour packs up their show and takes it on the road.

ROUND 2: March 2nd

Hearts of Fire

Stewart Gross, Michael Ziman, Brian Ress, Anthony Reynolds, Jeremy Schwartz

No Pain!

—VS —


Kendall Pack, Emily Pack, Chris Avila, and Andrew Hadder.

Flockacockatoos rides on the southerly winds of vengeance toward unstoppable victory. We perform a montage of scenes with a mix of music and narrative. Our sets are so good that all other teams will be forced to kneel before our sheer majesty.

Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 09 March 2018

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