PIP – Preliminary Rounds

Phoenix Improv Playoffs

ROUND 7: March 9th

Phantom Future

Dylan Kim, William Wyss, Kayana Sweeney

We, Phantom Future, are a long form based improv team. We strive to use a solid foundation of well-rounded storytelling to take our audiences on a journey. We love the idea of taking the teachings of the greats, ie. Second City, and UCB and mashing the best parts together to create a team that focuses equally on character/relationship and Game.

—VS —

Always In Trouble

Dave Lorello, Jennifer-Ann Moore, Joe Wister, Megan Scott, Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa, Sean Ryan McBride

ROUND 8: March 9th

Bold Burro

Javier Gilmore and Bri de Ruiz

Bold Burro is an elite assassination squad FROM BEYOND SPACE AND TIME! Using weaponized interdimensional improv, Bold Burro will KILL YOU with engaging characters and playful energy! You have been warned.

—VS —


Jacque Arend and Marshall Glass

Two actors who vow not to shy away from improvising vulnerability and defeat. Wether you wince or smile, this show is bound to make you feel something.

ROUND 3: March 2nd

Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery consists of Carrie (a well reviewed playwright), Brandi (an award winning actress and award winning waitress), and Tony (a guy who once was re-tweeted by Questlove).

No real animals were harmed in the formation of this team.

—VS —

Verizon Qwest

Jose Gonzalez, Marisol Chavez

Marisol and Jose try to do as many scenes as possible in the time allotted. The result is beautiful and fun chaos.

ROUND 4: March 2nd


Sam Haldiman

25 Characters in 15 Minutes

—VS —

Hudson Bae

Emily Pack, and Britanee Hudson

Hudson Bae has been dealing out butt whoopings across the valley for the last year. Are they amazing improvisers? Yeah, duh. But they’re also stellar musicians, suave social commenters, and best best best friends. I mean, just be prepared to be thoroughly entertained. Really. 

Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 09 March 2018

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