Many Shallow Holes presents The Exodus: A Deconstruction

It’s a long title for a long journey. The group Many Shallow Holes presents the Exodus, a fully improvised deconstruction. The show begins with two people in a seemingly normal relationship. See how two peoples lives are affected when we put a mirror in front of them and find the humor in all their experiences, success and failures in life.

  • Many Shallow Holes is: Mindy Keeling, Jacob Stovall, Brian Ress, Andrew Hadder, Carrie Behrens, Tony Cani, Brandi Bigley, Christian Baum, Shane Shellenbarger and Kristie Lindeman

The Run is an ongoing show at The Torch that features a different performance group and focus every month. They perform every Saturday at 8pm and is fully improvised. The concept is the same, the experience is different every time.

Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 24 February 2018

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