Many Shallow Holes presents The Exodus: A Deconstruction

It’s a long title for a long journey. The group Many Shallow Holes presents the Exodus, a fully improvised deconstruction. The show begins with two people in a seemingly normal relationship. See how two peoples lives are affected when we put a mirror in front of them and find the humor in all their experiences, success and failures in life.

  • Many Shallow Holes is: Mindy, Jacob Stovall, Brian Ress, Andrew Hadder, Carrie Behrens, Tony Cani, Brandi Bigley, Christian Baum, Shane Shellenbarger and Kristie Lindeman

The Run is an ongoing show at The Torch that features a different performance group and focus every month. They perform every Saturday at 8pm and is fully improvised. The concept is the same, the experience is different every time.

Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 24 February 2018

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