Ghostfest Saturday

Ghostfest is 32+ hours of non-stop improv action with 80+ different shows, from the sublime to the ridiculous! In addition to performances by The Torch Theatre’s mainstay shows and troupes like Mail Order Bride, Galapagos, The Neighborhood, Zombie Gourmet and The Skewed News Hour, Ghostfest will feature groups & shows from all over the city & nation rocking a wide variety of formats and themed shows to stir up some ridiculous fun!

Walk Up Tickets Available
$10 for a 6 hour block
$15 for the whole weekend


11:30 am:

GISHWHES! • The Positive People Power Project

12 Noon:

Cropsies • NewHeart • Haroldception • Piethagorus

1:00 pm:

Wild Dungarees • Purple Crayons • BrIcks • Less Than Dead

2:00 pm:

Rufio • My Favorite Color is Bacon • Rodney • Bechdel Midterms

3:00 pm: 

The Semantics • Scareolas! • Flock of Beagles • Wizard Sleeves

4:00 pm:

Sweater Pills (Tucson) • Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher! • Pillow

5:00 pm:

Galapagos • The Nerve! • Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed (Tucson)

6:00 pm:

Spearmint • Mail Order Bride • Riot Jam • [THEATRE CLEANING]

7:00 pm:

Jill Bernard’s DRUM MACHINE (Minneapolis, MN)

8:00 pm:

Beach Blanket Bingo • SIDECOACH! • B&B (Portland, OR)

9:00 pm:

The Neighborhood • Dr. Zombie

10:00 pm:

Slack to the Future (San Diego) • Paper Dolls (Boston/Portland) • Tights! (San Diego)

11:00 pm:

Birds & Broads • Mort & Rachel Weinberg Pitch You TV Shows • Look What We Found (San Diego)

Full Schedule

Friday, October 13th @ 6pm til Sunday, October 14th @ 2am

32 straight hours of improvisation performances

Tickets: $10

Event Details

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