Fun Bags w/ Liz Hutchman

Nothing is worse than being stuck in the rut of a scene that uses all of our time to fumble through figuring things out instead of having fun getting into something meaty and interesting. I designed this workshop so that we can get out of our heads and explore new characters and situations without a lot of hard work and over thinking. Strong scenes always include elements of Who Where What When Why and making choices in support of these fundamentals opens our play up for exploration and discovery. This is a suggestion based workshop and information is provided to you in a way that offers you the ability to have strong and enjoyable scenes simply by making solid choices from the top and being in the know. This workshop will challenge and inspire you to approach your scene work in new ways. You will also have a lot of fun because fun is in the title. EXPERIENCE: This is an intermediate workshop so some improv experience is preferred but no one will be turned away. Please come with water, some pep to your step, and comfortable clothing.

Date: Tuesday, February 20th 6:30pm-9:30pm

Cost: $25.00

Prerequisite: Completion of Torch Level I+ or equivalent scene work experience

I have been performing and coaching in the Phoenix area for 17 years. Currently I perform under The Torch Theatre with my duo teams, Dutchman and Birds & Broads, and with my ensemble teams, Zombie Gourmet, Side Coach, and Junebug. I recently stepped into the role of executive producer for the theatre’s monthly show slot, The Run. On Friday nights I play with the long standing team, Skewed News Hour under Second Beat Improv Theatre.

Teaching in a workshop environment, for me, is the most satisfying direction I can go as an instructor. I love creating a comfortable environment that allows people to explore a focused direction for a set amount of time. My favorite workshop to teach right now is Fun Bags – a study designed to allow performers a chance to play characters and environments without the concern for expectations. Its the perfect mix of challenge and fun. I have ran this workshop in the traditional environment, with teams, and with acting classes and it is always a good time.


Tuition: $25


Event Details

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