Dynamic Scene Starts w/ Bob Fisher

Description: Are you eager to start scenes in different ways than with a line of dialogue you or your scene partner thought of on the wall?  This workshop will focus on bringing gifts to the top of scenes other than (and in addition to) verbal inititiations, and on seeing more of the scene that is already happening before anyone speaks.

The goals are that you will bring more, see more, and discard less.

Date: Sunday, January 21st

Time: 11am-2pm

Tuition: $30

Prerequisite: Basic Improv Scenework, Torch Level 1 or Equivalent

Bob Fisher is a long-time friend of the Torch Theatre.  He has been an improvisor for over 30 years, and currently teaches the advanced level improvisation classes at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.

Tuition: $30


Event Details

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