Cerberus Cup XXXIII~Bout 3

The Cerberus Cup is a longform improv tournament where 3 person improv teams compete for the coveted Cerberus Cup.

There are nine qualifying slots for three-person teams. Each team that registers receives a 15 minute performance slot in a qualifying round where they will face two other Cerberus Cup teams. Voting via ballots from audience members will determine the winning finalists.

Tickets are $10 for watching a single Cerberus show, $15 to watch all of the Friday night shows, or $20 to watch all Cerberus shows for the weekend.

1st Team Paul Lonsdorf Christian Baum Anthony Benites
2nd Mitt Fearlessness Nate Merc Merrie Greenfield Shae Benton

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Tickets: $10-$20

Event Details

This event finished on 29 November 2019

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